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Art of Grey Area Thinking: Helping Young People Fight Extremism, Manipulation, and Abuse

ISBN: 9798988618607
Binding: Paperback
Author: Jimmy from The Good Fight
Artist: Ulyana Dikhtyar and Illustrator: Dmytro Soloviov
Pages: 244
Trim: 10 x 7 inches
Published: 06/06/2023

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 I wrote this for the women of Iranian who are fighting for basic human rights against a regime. I wrote this for the people of Ukraine to help them fight Russian propaganda. I wrote this to empower exhausted political moderates who spent the last decade watching the far-left and far-right tear apart Western society.

And although I am not a mental health professional, many of my readers have informed me that this book has allowed them to process the abuse and manipulation they faced and heal. There are striking similarities between the manipulations used by both regime states and abusive individuals. Therefore, I also wrote this book for those who struggle against toxic people.

The Art of Grey Area Thinking teaches readers how to process chaos. It teaches readers how to navigate ambiguities where the hard rules of black-and-white thinking are irrelevant and harmful.

Grey area thinking is striving to do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, in the right amount, for the right reasons, and with respect to our limits.

An individual who masters grey-area thinking becomes an exceptional analyst, problem solver, strategist, and decision-maker. The side effects? That individual also becomes far more resistant to psychological abuse and extremist influence.

While not all black-and-white thinking is bad, toxic black-and-white thinking is a core value of extremist groups across every ideology. I don't think I have to elaborate on how big of a problem extremism is around the globe. We must teach young people about grey-area thinking to counter this ever-growing threat. The Art of Grey Area Thinking provides the tools and framework for future generations to destroy extremist influence.


About the author:

Jimmy From The Good Fight survived a mass shooting. He escaped from a cult. He came back from a suicide attempt and beat bipolar disorder without medication. Jimmy documented the Yazidi Genocide in Iraq, and served as a wartime humanitarian in Ukraine during the 2022 Russian invasion.

Through these ordeals, Jimmy discovered the power of grey area thinking. He has some lessons to share and a story to tell.

Ulyana Dikhtyar is a Ukrainian student currently living in Kharkiv. Kharkiv is 15-20 miles away from Russian frontlines. At one point, it was under Russian control, and they committed unspeakable atrocities while occupying Ulyana's home. Ulyana designed my cover under daily Russian bombardment and frequent blackouts.

Dmytro (Dmitri) Soloviov is a Ukrainian artist currently living in Italy with his family. Many years ago, he was friends with current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Young Zelensky was first starting out his comedy career. They parted ways after Dmitri almost got his future president killed in a reckless driving incident.


"Man, wouldn't this make a fantastic gift for a younger person? I would love to see this in the hands of so many young people and activities to remind them that not everything is black and white and it's ok to stand up to oppression, bullies, etc." - Chelsea Burdick

"As someone who suffers myself, there's a lot in here that really made me think, and really opened my eyes. Obviously you're not a mental health professional - something you acknowledge in the book - but that doesn't mean you aren't helping people's mental health!" - Robert Welbourn

"Art of Grey Area Thinking is a wonderful book to help people who are struggling with any kind of abuse and harassment. The book is written on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and I salute the author for his bravery to right on this topic and share the true story. It is the only and the best book I have ever read on this topic. I strongly recommend this book to women who are facing abuse. The book is equally helpful for people who want to heal from their pasts. It gives a new way of thinking and solving problems. The illustrations and quotes in between were absolute eye-catchers." - Rashmi

"After reading this book , I realized we know very little about Russia-Ukraine conditions, the Iran case, and the life of immigrants. This book gives eye-opening information about the current crisis, especially, about the life of women after and during the trouble. This book is for the victims who face traumas in their lives, but it is also suitable for therapists to heal their patients too. I found the given strategies very helpful and the first chapter 'BALANCE' was life-changing for me. The illustrations left me speechless. They are wonderful and each holds an intense message. The quotes are also impressive." - Naman Gupta

"People will be able to use this book as an outline on how to handle various situations. How to handle abuse, how to handle a debate, how to handle opposing ideas, how to be just an overall tolerable person. These days, it's worth its weight in gold." - Jordan Tate