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An Unfinished Sunset

ISBN: 9781545612880
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Will Irby
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 1/30/2018

An Unfinished Sunset : The Return of Irish Bly follows the surprising trajectory of a hackneyed ad man who abandons his jaded existence for quixotic exploits under the assumed identity of Irish Bly a swashbuckling alter ego he'd invented in boyhood. New possibilities for adventure and treasure surface for Bly in the Florida Keys. In his latest escapade a zany cast of characters ignites an imaginative plot to recover a conquistador's hidden treasure from Castro's Cuba. Bly's yarn unfolds largely through self-contained stories. Marina gossip appears as lore romanticized recollections are made into fables and quixotic imaginings-often involving shady people in sunny places-buoy the storyline as parables. These shift as sands between Bly's recovery from a shoulder wound in the care of a Florida coaster family and exotic ports of call for his ruminations and recollections from the Mekong to the C&ocircte d'Azur to the Florida Straits.

Will Irby lives and writes in Florida and North Carolina. A fifth generation Floridian he credits the adventure novels and chivalric tales his mother read aloud as inspiration for his writing. Over the past twenty years he has acquired a discrete clientele as a private investigator and security consultant to corporate clients cultural institutions private collectors and estates. His wide-ranging experiences and extensive travels continue to color and enrich his fiction.