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An Ordinary Kid in Extraordinary Times

ISBN: 9781612544885
Binding: Paperback
Author: Roz Liberman
Illustrator: Cynthia Meadows
Pages: 28
Trim: 8 x 10 inches
Published: 9/8/2020

The year 2020 started off normally, but pretty soon things started to become different and weird and scary. A virus was quickly spreading in faraway countries, and then, before we knew it, it was here in America. Schools closed, trips were canceled, and everyone started wearing masks and gloves and staying inside to stay healthy. With everything so different and everyone so worried about getting sick, it was hard to not feel at least a little scared about what was going on. An Ordinary Kid in Extraordinary Times is an account of a young girl’s life gradually changing as the effects of a global pandemic unfold around her. It highlights new words, new practices, and new experiences that children may have been exposed to recently, making it a story kids can learn from and relate to easily. Author and educator Roz Liberman reveals the silver lining in these unprecedented times: as long as we support each other as a family and as a community, we can get through anything—together.


Roz Liberman was born in a small town in western Pennsylvania but now live in Frisco, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, with her furry babies, Scout and Nikki and near her children and grandchildren. All Roz’s life, she’s been an avid reader with a wild imagination and a passion for writing. She always wanted to be a teacher and recently retired after over forty years of teaching language arts from kindergarten through ninth grade. Now, Roz tutors young people in writing with the hope of reducing writing phobia and igniting the love of writing in all her students. When many of her students shared their own anxiety related to the corona virus, she felt a need to do something to help them as well as any other children feeling lost and confused by this pandemic or any other crisis they might face in the future. The book, An Ordinary Kid in Extraordinary Times is the result. Roz sincerely hopes every reader can see him or herself as the unnamed main character and gain courage and confidence from her book.


"As our world navigates a novel virus and the repercussions of the ever-changing news, anxieties can be high for both adults and children. In my work as an elementary school counselor, I help kids to change their mindset and to look for the positives in difficult situations; Roz Liberman's story sets the stage for school-age children to take control of their thinking by allowing children to explore the positives of change to help relieve worries, fears, or frustrations. This story gives parents and kids a concrete way of discussing a serious topic softened by comic relief both kids and their parents can appreciate. I read this book with my own three young children, and this gave us an opportunity to reflect on our new "normal" while laughing together about some of the changes we've been through as a family. The world HAS changed, and change is hard for anyone! An Ordinary Kid in Extraordinary Times captures a child's perception of big change and gives parents, teachers, and counselors a springboard for necessary discussions to help children cope with those changes." - Amber B. Pierce, M.Ed., LPC 

"During uncertain times, it’s human nature to seek comfort in everyday life.  During a quiet time as I sat in my home isolated from the outside world, Before I read this little gem, I, myself, had been wondering what impact COVID 19 would have on everyday life and if we would ever return to 'normal.'  As a nurse, I understood the virus, the modes of transmission to others, and, most importantly, how isolation and wearing masks can greatly reduce one’s exposure to it.  However, as a school nurse for almost 20 years, I wondered how my students were handling the new normal.  I envisioned them in my clinic asking endless questions about the 'coroner' virus.  What thoughts and questions might a child be contemplating?  Like mine, their entire world changed in a matter of days.  As I read Ms. Liberman’s book, An Ordinary Kid in Extraordinary Times, I was transported into the mind of a young child as she pondered the irregular times she faced daily.  I chuckled as I envisioned my students’ faces as they asked me the same questions and wondered if their friend’s parent was being “quarter timed” because he may have bitten someone just like the neighbor’s dog did that was quarantined. Life is filled with uncertainties and always has been, but today’s uncertainty is unprecedented.  Reading this sweet book will bring reality into focus in a child’s mind and help them verbalize their feelings as they contemplate the new world around them." - Cyndi Braun, BSN, RN, NCSN 

"Roz Liberman’s book An Ordinary Kid in Extraordinary Times is a great way to help children understand what is occurring in today’s world. Written from a young girls perspective, the book uses humor to explain a serious topic so that even our youngest readers can understand. This book would be great for families to use at home or for schools to utilize as children begin to return back to school and are unsure about the changes around them."  - Jill Hemme, - Principal, Grapevine. Colleyville ISD

"As a Speech-language pathologist specializing in working with children with autism and social communication disorders for over 20 years, I have witnessed firsthand how individuals with autism thrive using predictable routines and schedules. With COVID-19, everything unexpectedly changed for these children- from school, to teachers, therapy appointments, and the opportunities for social interactions with their peers. An Ordinary Kid in Extraordinary Times  can be a comfort to children struggling to understand why their routines were disrupted due to COVID-19. This book offers a child's eye view into the Coronavirus pandemic, which can be helpful for parents trying to explain to their children, especially those with communication difficulties, what is happening in their world right now. It is critical to have teaching resources such as Roz's book to help children make sense of the world as they knew it before, and as it is today."- Julie Liberman, M.A., CCC-SLP 

"Navigating unexpected changes can be a challenge for everyone, and particularly children, who haven’t had the experience of knowing how daily life can be successfully adapted when necessary. In this book, Roz Liberman demonstrates to children how change can be positive even when it seems impossible. Her images and story line get right into the daily life of a family, how they interact, and how valuable new ways of doing things can be. As the author of a children’s book addressing children’s need to learn to get along in unfamiliar situations, I believe An Ordinary Kid in Extraordinary Times, accomplishes its goal. Both our books support children in building their self confidence with the help of family and friends. - Marla Schachtel, author of The Life of a Dog Living in a Cat’s World.