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An Introvert Learns to Fly

ISBN: 9780999703502
Binding: Paperback
Author: Ronald E. Peterson
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 6/30/2018

Ron Peterson was born a congenital introvert but learned to use it to his advantage and even overcome his shyness when necessary. From humble beginnings he emerged with a PhD in physics to play a role in many important scientific discoveries and became a key executive in Honeywell, one of America's largest corporations. Along the way he worked with Nobel Prize winners testy bosses altruists and people hanging on the edge of society learning from each of them. This often-humorous memoir is chock full of life lessons for us all.

Retired but working on multiple fascinating projects Ron Peterson would still rather play with his grandchildren than argue with overly opinionated adults. He lives in Minnesota with his patient and tolerant wife Miriam who tries to keep his feet on the ground while his head remains in the stars.


"Read An Introvert Learns to Fly for its keen perspective on society and history and for its models for living thinking and conducting discourse." -Thomas J. Buckholtz PhD Former Commissioner United States General Services Administration

"An Introvert Learns to Fly is a wonderful look at a scientist growing up in the '50s and '60s. It's a true insider's account on undergraduate life at Caltech. His humble and nurturing life has made the world better." - Steve Landy Caltech roommate, teacher, aspiring Greek scholar and TOMOTLHIHHJT

"An Introvert Learns to Fly is a thought-provoking book from my Caltech roommate fellow low temperature condensed matter researcher and long-time friend." -Doug Osheroff PhD Nobel laureate Stanford Professor Emeritus

"Any book that conflates quantum foam with a raspberry soufflé is a must read. Peterson has the rare ability to nurture bleeding edge science from concept to customer delivery. An Introvert Learns to Fly teaches us not only to fly but how to soar as a technological visionary." -Jim Read consultant, rancher, and rogue engineer