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Alphabet Adventures

ISBN: 9781592987429
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Kathy Keip and Erin Boe
Published: 6/12/2018

Alphabet Adventures is a tool to help parents and young readers experience the gift of learning together! With beautiful illustrations and a rhyming scheme each letter gets its own chance to jump off the page and become a part of a child's vocabulary. A parent guide is included to aid the adults patiently teaching early learners.

Kathy Keip has a background in music. She graduated from Oberlin College and lived in Austria Germany and Spain where she furthered her interest in music. She was a voice instructor at Oakland University taught music in public school and opened Yamaha Music Schools in Michigan Indiana and Minnesota. She returned to school for a master's degree in education directed a preschool program for Indiana University and earned her Montessori certification. She opened her KinderRead Montessori School with its unique and accelerated reading program in Minnetonka Minnesota where she worked for the past twenty-four years. Look for Kathy's literacy kit at