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All the Blues Come Through (Heir to a Myth, Book One)

ISBN: 9781634894272
Binding: Paperback
Author: Metra Farrari
Pages: 288
Trim: 5.25 x 7.5 inches
Published: 6/11/2021

With her smart and playful writing, debut author Metra Farrari cleverly blends chick-lit with a dash of Greek mythology—the product a winning combination of smart-alecky wit, dreamy escapism, and a quirky yet lovable heroine.

Ryan Bell is your typical millennial: surviving on a diet of wine and Netflix, woefully single enough to qualify for cat-lady membership, and renting from a seventy-something Tinder-swiping landlord-turned-bestie. But underneath her chipped-off manicure lies a green thumb that has created miraculous flowers capable of saving mankind from cataclysmic climate change. There's one problem: Only Ryan can grow them.

An unusual audience comes to an unorthodox conclusion: Ryan is the heir of the Greek god Artemis. 

Although Ryan thinks these strange, toga-wearing folks are one kalamata olive short of a Greek salad, she reluctantly enters a hidden world where the Olympians are real and magic flows freely (plus a generous serving of Greek hunks). Talk about one epic identity crisis. Magical demigod or not, the fate of civilization—both mortal and godly—now rests on Ryan's shoulders.


A UW-Madison school of journalism graduate, Metra Farrari landed her dream job right out of college to become a member of the production team for the final three seasons of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Chicago proved to be fruitful; Metra picked up a husband, a big-boned (fat) cat, and lifelong friends, but the draw of family called her home to Minnesota. A self-proclaimed nap-time novelist, Metra managed to write her debut novel to the soundtrack of the everyday chaos that comes with raising three small children. When not squirreled away in her writing nook, Metra can be found unapologetically consuming reality shows, training for a half marathon to the beat of suspenseful audiobooks, and negotiating with her husband for another cat. Metra resides in Minneapolis with her family.


"In All the Blues Come Through, Farrari takes us on a fabulous romp through a modernized version of Greek mythology. Readers will love the way this reluctant heroine's journey mixes humor and fun with deeper themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and impending ecological disasters." - Kerry Anne King, bestselling author of Whisper Me This