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A Quiet Fear

ISBN: 9781592988297
Binding: Paperback
Author: Thia Keen
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 9/5/2017

Working hard at life Lilly thinks of herself as a committed teacher wife and mother. She is at last content. Then unexpectedly she experiences horrifying flashbacks while caring for her toddler son. Panic takes over stripping her of confidence and leaving her insecure in all that she does. Desperately she tries to bring back a sense of normalcy failing with each attempt. Terror has her imprisoned as her past and present worlds collide.

Determined she seeks help to relive her youth in a search for answers to the haunting question "Why?" This brings her face to face with Frank her godfather who is equally driven to protect his well-hidden crime. Can she outwit him and find safety for herself and her son? Or is Frank's control over her seeded more deeply than she realizes?

Lilly has to choose: stay in a dark hidden world of constant distress or find the courage to set her secret free.

After graduating from college with two majors in education and a minor in psychology Thia Keen dedicated more than thirty years to teaching and guiding children. Upon retirement and encouraged by a friendship she began a life-long goal-that of writing a book to share her personal experiences of childhood trauma in hope to teach and inspire an awareness of its effects. Five years later she completed her first novel: A Quiet Fear.

Born in the rural Midwest Thia Keen currently resides in Colorado with her husband and their loyal dog. The passionate and comforting connection she discovered in Mother Nature as a child continues to this day.

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