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A Father’s Kiss

ISBN: 9781592988921
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Jack Uldrich
Pages: 24
Trim: 6.25 x 7.25 inches
Published: 2/25/2015

A father kisses his newborn daughter and offers a simple prayer. It is a heartfelt ritual that repeats itself at meaningful moments the remainder of their lives-and beyond.


Jack Uldrich is an author speaker and consultant. He is a renowned global futurist and the best-selling author of eleven books. He is a frequent guest on national media and regularly appears on the Science Channel's television program "FutureScape" and the Discovery Channel show "Inside Out." He is a prolific speaker on technology change management and leadership and has addressed Fortune 100 corporations venture capital firms associations not-for-profit organizations and state and regional governments on five continents. He lives in Minneapolis Minnesota with his wife and two children.