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A Better House for Ritchie

ISBN: 9781938144196
Binding: Paperback
Author: Louie Crowder
Pages: 32
Published: 12/17/2013

In this comic and tender one-act play Ritchie and his partner make up bawdy parodies of typical Christmas songs bicker make up bicker and finally decide they should move on-not from each other but from the place where they now live. Amid tough competition Crowder's play emerged as the clear winner of the 2013 Stonewall Chapbook Competition.


Louie Crowder is a New Orleans playwright. His work focuses on cultural preservation and the contemporary gay experience in the south. He has consistently contributed to and participated in the cultural renaissance of Post-Katrina New Orleans creating a disarmingly powerful and mystical body of work that speaks to the soul of the city. His most recent play "The First Snuff Film I Ever Saw Was in Charleston South Carolina " premiered at The Fresh Fruit Festival in NYC July 2013. premiered at The Fresh Fruit Festival in NYC July 2013.


"Mr. Crowder has a great talent for introspection and writes speeches which reflect his interest and concern about the uncertainty and unfairness of life [speeches] full of well-crafted and beautiful lines. . . . [His] works are always curiously compelling and this one [Bring Down Glory: The Disaster Number 1604 Series] does not disappoint."-Patrick Shannon III Ambush Gay News Review

"Despite the sexual orientation of the couples and easily depicted affection the evening is more inclusively humanistic than gay. Here [Cobalt Blue: The Disaster Number 1604 Series] sexuality informs the play but the play is not about sexuality. . . . Crowder's writing has merit and promise. . . ." -David Cuthbert New Orleans Times Picayune