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3,000 "Coffee Breaks"

ISBN: 9780578097589
Binding: Paperback
Author: James Wedgwood
Trim: 6 x 7.5 inches
Published: 1/1/2011

Diagnosed with a mass on his left kidney in 2003 comic ventriloquist James Wedgwood had a decision to make: go the traditional route of surgery or use the Gerson Therapy -- an alternative cancer treatment based on boosting the body's own immune system with organic juices, a nontraditional diet and intensive detoxification procedures.

This book chronicles his decision and the arduous, poignant yet surprisingly humorous journey that followed.


At the age of nine one of James Wedgwood's favorite aunts bought him a Danny O'Day ventriloquist doll for Christmas. Learning and practicing the basic skills of this ancient art throughout childhood he did his first public performance in an 8th grade variety show.

After earning a B.A. in Theatre from Indiana University and winning "Best Actor in Indianapolis" from the Indianapolis Encore Association James moved to the Twin Cities where he acted, did commercials, performed with Dudley Riggs Improv Troupe and even tried his hand at stand up comedy.

His boyhood love of ventriloquism was rekindled when he met an agent who said "Put an act together and I'll get you some work." And work he has: Since then he has performed at countless corporate events, state and county fairs, colleges, libraries, schools and theatres across the country. He's appeared on "The Statler Brothers Show, " "Crook and Chase " as well as opening for such national acts as Glen Campbell, Jeanie C. Riley and Janie Frickey.

He continues to hone his craft to this day working hard to maintain his reputation as "The Most Fun You Can Have Without Moving Your Lip."

When he was diagnosed with a mass on his left kidney he felt compelled to chronicle his journey in the hope that his experience would help others not just through the alternative treatment he chose, but by sharing the emotional challenges as well.

"It's been about two weeks that I finished reading your book 3,000 Coffee Breaks and I just want to say thank you for writing it! Your words brought a smile to my face in a time of great despair it made me weep and yes it made me feel not so isolated . . . I loved your book!" - Rosanne Martins - Author Why Dream but to Make Your Dreams Come True: How to Find True Happiness

"I REALLY like the book. It was a pleasure to read" - Howard Strauss, Author Dr. Max Gerson Healing the Hopeless Radio Host "The Power of Natural Healing"

"We are now looking at James Wedgwood and his great book 3,000 "Coffee Breaks." He aptly describes his deep thoughts and tribulations. These are extremely important for the present and/or future Gerson patient to understand and could help many achieve their aim: recovery!" - Charlotte Gerson, Founder, The Gerson Institute Author Healing the Gerson Way

"I am Dr. Zaid Rivene at the Red Roan Ranch in Swellendam South Africa. We have a 53 acre ranch for treatment of cancer and chronic disease and we do the Gerson Therapy as our nutritional adjunct. We purchased a number of your book 3,000 "Coffee Breaks" and our patients love it. It is just great to understand the dedication it takes to do this journey." - Dr. Zaida Rivene

"You are such an inspiration!! Charlotte says Gerson is not for the faint of heart and you are truly our hero. Bless you for writing the book to share your story and to empower others to assume responsibility for their health and their lives in general." - Anita Wilson, Director, The Gerson Institute