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2020 Unmasked: A Compilation of Political Satire Short Stories

ISBN: 9780578790428
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Coy Christmas
Pages: 118
Trim: 9” x 11” inches
Published: 12/10/2020

2020 Unmasked is a lighthearted collection of red-leaning, short stories about all of the chaos we faced in 2020. Each story is easy-to-read and features great, whimsical illustrations. You’ll laugh just as hard as the serious messages hit home. The stories include:

If You Give the Dems Your Rifles. If you give the Dems an inch, they’ll take a mile. The second amendment is here to protect us from tyranny. This tale reminds us of the slippery slope of what happens when they come for our guns. So what are they really taking?

The Little Orange Engine that Made America Great Again. The amount of mud that has been slung at President Trump is unprecedented. But the truth is Trump has done a lot of good the past four years. In a time where no one wants to help, The Little Orange Engine is working hard to Make America Great Again!

'Twas the Night After Election. An election smeared in untruth and fraud. Mail-in votes coming from every dead voter. When we awake from this election, what we will find? Don’t trust the government to deliver the truth this time.

The Three Young Businessmen. Rioting. Looting. Destruction. We all have the right to protest, but not like this. When the Big Bad Blue comes huffing and puffing to raid your business, what can you do to defend yourself? 

Little Red Entrepreneur. The American dream—taking a business idea and growing it to a success. And only to have the socialist liberals take all your hard work in taxes. This story warns us about what happens when big government gets bigger…

100% manufactured in the USA from premium, US-sourced materials and printed in vibrant full color, 2020 Unmasked will stand the test of time. 


Coy Christmas is an entrepreneur and author who believes the United States of America is the greatest country in the world. 2020 Unmasked is his first book, where he expresses the love of his country in a collection of fun, light-hearted stories that’s sure to entertain, but also carry a serious message. He believes we have the bravest men and women protecting our freedom every day. As Americans we should be able to work hard, and our hard work dividends pay off for us and our families; not given to someone that doesn’t want to put forth the effort. We are created equal from birth; we all can be the best of we put our minds to it.

William Christmas is a corporate sales manager and co-author of 2020 Unmasked from Twin Falls, ID. When he’s not with his friends and family, you can always find him hiking and exploring around his new home or podcasting about his favorite entertainment. In his first book 2020 Unmasked, Will tackles political topics through whimsical children’s stories.