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10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You To Know: Especially if you have anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or PTSD

ISBN: 9781592873609
Binding: Paperback
Author: Sheyna Galyan
Pages: 304
Trim: 5.25 x 8 inches
Published: 10/12/2022

How do you trust your spirit guides when you have a history of trauma and betrayal? Where is the line between communicating with one's soul guides and mental health concerns? Does the Law of Attraction really say that we attract to ourselves every painful experience we endure? There are numerous accounts of how intuition or guidance saved lives, but what about the people who died? Do people who do deplorable things have guides—and why aren't those guides stopping them? Just how involved are guides and messengers in our lives? And how can we connect with our own guides, especially if we're not religious?

As a young teenager, Sheyna Galyan began writing down daily conversations with invisible beings far too wise to be imaginary friends. After helping Sheyna navigate traumatic relationships, anxiety, depression, and then fibromyalgia, two of what Sheyna calls soul guides have come together to share ten things they most want people to know about: self-talk, trust, compassion, love, joy, grief, trauma, relationships, religion, and money. And when Sheyna questioned and argued with those soul guides, the guides were more than willing to offer deeper explanations.

Filled with humor, wisdom, and a touch of irreverence, 10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know will support and inspire you with exercises and reflection questions in each chapter to help you make empowered choices and live authentically from your divine self.


Sheyna Galyan is an award-winning author, poet, and former mental health counselor who writes and speaks about the intersection of creativity, mental health, and spirituality. The founder of Soul Guides, Sheyna also coaches people privately to help them trust themselves and their own soul guides.

Sheyna holds advanced degrees in psychology and education, and, according to their now-adult children, is half-human and half "special," which is baffling, because Sheyna puts their pants on one eyebrow at a time like everyone else.

Sheyna is the author of the Rabbi David Cohen suspense series set in Minneapolis and several short stories of suspense, and is currently working on a new paranormal suspense series. 


"Poignant and bravely vulnerable, 10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know chronicles some of the sincerest inner struggles of asking for and adhering to advice about Life. It's easy to see oneself in wrestling with formulating the right questions, resisting the answers, and calculating counterproductive conclusions. The many who mirror Sheyna Galyan's journey will be blessed by both the author's personal reflections and the revelations of Sheyna's guides. Never presenting as the last word, this book encourages us to find, befriend, and follow our own guides, assuring us we are never alone." - Reverend Deborah L. Johnson, Author of The Sacred Yes and Your Deepest Intent

"Written with humility and grace, 10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know is essential reading for anyone on a spiritual journey, no matter how far they are along their path. And for those that feel a connection with 'something greater,' no matter how tenuous, they'll find the answers they're seeking in this book. Easy to read, not too woo-woo, the book provides a framework for those looking to step up to a higher consciousness." - Bill Bennett, Producer/Director of PGS Intuition and Facing Fear

"What do you do with challenging spiritual questions? Who can you ask them to? Rarely is it a spiritual leader or guru, because far too often they require you to 'just believe.' As someone who grew up gay in an evangelical home, I've never been able to do that. 10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know is a rare and refreshing change. It's a book at invites you, with tremendous heart, to wrestle with spiritual truth, and it even shows you how! Rarely have I read such an honest book, with such a gorgeous combination of deep insight and wisdom, coupled with Sheyna's unique brand of snarky, intelligent humor and bold candor. If you've wondered what to do with all the unanswered questions in your soul, this book has a lot to share." - Jeffrey Van Dyk, Founder, The Courageous Messenger

"I love the way 10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know is written: it's easy to follow because it's written conversation-style and very relatable. As a therapist and spiritual mentor, I would recommend this to all of my clients and anyone looking for personal growth related to anxiety, depression, trauma, and/or chronic pain. Self-help books are great, but tend to leave the reader alone with implementation after the fact. This book takes self-help to the next level with questions at the end of each chapter for further integration into the reader's life. It's a version of bibliotherapy that would be useful while waiting to find a therapist!" - Michelle Scott, MS, LPC, RMT, CDBT

"10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know is a delightful read. Not only is this book full of wisdom, humor and tools that you can easily use right now, but it is also written in an unusual way. I was fascinated to see that each chapter was written as if it were a Q&A with a spirit guide that included easy conversation, inside jokes, and profound wisdom to assist with the challenges of being human. I will come back to this book again and again and will continue to work through the exercises provided at the end of each chapter." - Nicole Lewis-Keeber, MSW, LCSW, Author of How to Love Your Business

"In my work as a practicing psychic medium, my clients are always asking me how to better connect with and get to know their spirit guides. Sheyna Galyan's 10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know not only provides a much needed road map, but also a first-hand account of the relationship our spirit guides are longing to have with us—if only we'd just ask." - Natalie Fowler

"10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know is the antithesis of the 'good vibes only' message that has become so prevalent, and that is what makes it so damn good. It addresses real-world experiences like victim-blaming, abuse, depression, and profound loss with a simple and consistent message: we are love. As an accountant I expected to be most moved by the chapter on money; instead, I found myself near tears when I felt the echoes of Michael's hug." - Shaneh Woods

"In my forty years as a psychotherapist, I know that whatever problems emanate from relationship must be healed in relationship. This is what I find extraordinary about Sheyna Galyan's 10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know. Sheyna doesn't just write about experiences with guides but gives you a ring-side seat to the amazing relationship that's possible. Their banter is at times funny, irreverent, inspiring, reassuring, and enlightening. It's hard to know whom to trust and what is useful about the 'invisible world.' This book is a bridge between this world and the invisible one. Even—and maybe especially—skeptics should pick this book. Anybody who has known pain and despair will benefit from the wisdom and love contained in here. I plan to use this with my clients who are open to it. Access to the wisdom of these guides will help the healing journey exponentially. I know because it has also helped me." - Marilyn Williams, LCSW

"I love 10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know! I loved reading this book. I felt like I was in a world where I was understood and, yes, validated in some of my thoughts and beliefs. It made me feel quite sane. The real conversations between the guides and Sheyna were huge fun and gave me insights and answers in a way that I could hear them, understand them, and let them in. I found the exercises supportive and see that I can use them over and over again when I need reminders." - Pat Honiotes, MS

"10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know is one part lived-experience and one-part guidebook for the woo-skeptical and the spiritually attuned alike. As someone that's struggled with my own sense of spirituality from time to time, I found that Sheyna Galyan's book doesn't condescend. It reads, in some places, like Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God—but with far more sass, humor, and real-talk for today's world. Galyan takes tough issues head-on: spiritual bypassing, trauma, and many other questions I've asked myself over the years.On one hand, you feel like you're eavesdropping on your best friend's confessional and inquiries to the Divine, and on the other, you walk away with real insight and a bit of how-to practicality to take these concepts out of the ether and into something meaningful and useful for your own life. The answers in this book give a helpful perspective in a time when it feels like the world is burning down around us." - Lisa Robbin Young

"10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know is a must-read for anyone wanting to more fully become the unique (and Divine) human being they were created to be—especially if you don't know who that is or how the heck to be it. Through the open and honest sharing of conversations with guides, Sheyna Galyan is a stand-in for all of us on our respective journeys of self-discovery, self-expression and self-love. This book simultaneously teaches, encourages, inspires and amazes you. More than that, reading it is actually a healing experience to those parts of you that need the message Sheyna's soul guides want you to know. It's a book I'll read again and again—and heartily recommend to others." - Teresa Romain, President, Access Abundance Inc.

"Lest anyone believe that soul guides are simply there to help us find good parking spaces, Sheyna shows us, through their own vulnerable exchanges, how engaging with our guides with devotion and sincerity will challenge us to release feelings of unworthiness. Packed with Sheyna's delightful and occasionally biting-but-oh-so-relatable humor, 10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know will remind the reader that there is no such thing as 'weakness'—not from the perspective of our guides. While reading this book, I felt a fresh flow of forgiveness to myself, and a reminder that while I might sometimes forget about my guides, they don't ever forget about me. Sheyna's story helped solidify for me that it is far better to develop a kinship with our idiosyncrasies than to fight with them. This book will remind you that there are no wrong turns, no 'unforgivable sins,' and there is no one who is forgotten or lost—not ever. you will be called to embody your whole humanity." - Keri Mangis, Award-winning author of Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness

"10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know beautifully shares the wisdom, compassion, and love of Sheyna Galyan's guides along with the author's own questions, doubts, and personal life experiences. The close relationship and deep trust that the guides and Sheyna have developed are evidenced throughout every page of this book, and Sheyna's willingness to share this relationship with us is a gift. This book reminds us all that we are never alone and that we are always loved and supported by our guides." - Michelle Lagaly, Founder & CEO of The Intuitive Life Coach Certification + Business Building Program

"10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know has a way of making you feel comfortable acknowledging that you have guides. Sheyna Galyan and the guides build conversations around very human topics: money, family, forgiveness, and free-will just to name a few. This is not a one-time read. This is a book that you will come back to time and time again for the many nuggets of truth that speak to our hearts, letting us know what a wonderful adventure life is with our guides!" - Sharon A. Marcus, MA, Founder & CEO, Courageous Schools LLC Author, Aiming for the Mark: The Sacredness of Education

"Fun, quirky, entertaining, and educational, parts of 10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know made me laugh aloud, certain passages had surprising learning, while in other chapters, I felt the aha moment when I resonated with the teachings. My skeptical science brain, with splashes of anxiety, likes to question everything, and I can honestly say this is a fabulous resource for anyone looking for answers about our spirit guides and what they want us to know! I especially found the exercises at the end of each chapter beneficial. This is the first book I have read about our spirit guides that I can accept and understand as the truth. This is not a 'one read and done' type of book, it is one that you keep referencing, and it is easy to do so with each chapter having a specific focus. As I continue to learn more about my own guides and how to really listen to them (instead of my ego), this will be a resource that I will use along my journey." - Jena Thompson, Founder & CEO, Daisy Blue Naturals

"As a teacher of intuitive and healing arts, I found 10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know to be one of the best books on the subject of spirit guides that I have ever read. It thoroughly discusses issues frequently ignored by many channelers, including the deeper understanding of family, free will (or lack thereof), spiritual bypassing, our power and choice of incarnation, the function of loss and pain, and how we become mired in the opposite of love. I especially enjoyed the discussion of evil and the distinctions of love, joy, happiness, and passion. In these times of growing spiritual awareness of the unseen, it's easy to become confused by the multiplicity of stories and explanations out there. Choosing or understanding what is true or right can be a seemingly impossible task. Sheyna's book cuts through that confusion in a clear and accessible way. I promise you that I will be putting this book at the top of my students' reading lists." - Robin Ann Reid, Spiritual Coach and Energy Healer