Political Science

  • Big Brother in the Exam Room

    There are serious dangers lurking behind the government's $30 billion electronic health record (EHR) experiment. This omnipresent technology turns doctors into data clerks and shifts attention from patients to paperwork-while health plans government...

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  • Calousia

    Warren Musser's new more complete future-seeing method reveals for the first time the most important of all futures for us to know: it's Calousia the natural brilliant summit of our species's long progressive evolution. Learn why this Calousian...

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  • Dumbing Down the Courts

    Judges have enormous power. They determine whom we can marry whether we can own firearms whether the government can mandate that we buy certain products and how we define "personhood." But who gets to occupy these powerful positions? Up until now ...

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  • Gods Weapons and Money

    Three forms of power have been exercised throughout human history: symbolic military and economic power. In Gods Weapons and Money Eugen O. Chirovici takes us on a journey to answer the most basic and profound questions about the sources of human...

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  • Humane Policing

    Humane Policing was the winner of the Book Excellence Award for the law category Humane policing. Some would say that's an oxymoron but officer Darron Spencer believes those words are inseparable. In his three years with a busy sheriff's office Darron...

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  • Marketing Organic Grain

    Buy 5 or more copies @ 50% - discount taken in cart In this short readable book John Bobbe gives organic farmers what they need to successfully market grain. He discusses the basics of matching crops to markets developing the right marketing contracts...

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  • November's Gladiators

    "Terry Baxter gives us a peek under the flap of the tent we call a national political campaign&ndashhilarious intense exhausting and ultimately rewarding." - Bill Brock former U.S. Senator U.S. Trade Representative Secretary of Labor and Chairman...

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  • Power Divided is Power Checked

    In Power Divided is Power Checked Lewis reminds us that the concept of states’ rights as bequeathed by the Founding Fathers to a grateful nation was about a constitutional framework intended to limit the missteps of government and provide the greatest...

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  • Reaganomics vs. the Modern Economy

    Reaganomics vs the Modern Economy defines the modern economy including the critical contributions of the public sector. It describes the history of political frustrations and resistance to government that led to Ronald Reagan's election. We learn how...

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  • The Millennium Villages Project (MVP)

    The Millennium Villages Project (MVP) grew out of a United Nations summit conference in 2000 where nearly 200 nations agreed on eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) &ndash including reducing child mortality promoting gender equality fighting...

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  • The Roots of Defeat

    This book takes you behind today's headlines to reveal the enormous social and economic changes that created an opening for Donald Trump to appeal to white working class voters in the Midwest. The Roots of Defeat tells the story of the New Deal...

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