• Humane Policing

    Humane Policing

    Humane Policing was the winner of the Book Excellence Award for the law category Humane policing. Some would say that's an oxymoron but officer Darron Spencer believes those words are inseparable. In his three years with a busy sheriff's office Darron...

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  • The Just Market

    The Just Market

    Jewish source texts wrestle with many of the same economic concerns that occupy the contemporary public square: income inequality structural unemployment instability rampant financial fraud and spiraling personal debt. The Just Market: Torah's Response...

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  • We All Do Better

    We All Do Better

    Buy 5 or more copies @ 50% - discount taken in cart Our collapse from an "opportunity for all" middle class economy to a "winner take all" dog-eat-dog system is behind many problems we face as a society. It is time to begin the process of rebuilding our...

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