Current Affairs

  • Compete and Empower

    Why has prosperity for all been an elusive dream?Because we have failed to build great societies and nations. For 7 000 years leaders of our societies have used the doctrine of Conquer and Oppress to rule our nations. This book will describe for you a...

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  • Gods Weapons and Money

    Three forms of power have been exercised throughout human history: symbolic military and economic power. In Gods Weapons and Money Eugen O. Chirovici takes us on a journey to answer the most basic and profound questions about the sources of human...

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  • The Terrorism Lectures 2nd ed.

    The Terrorism Lectures 2nd Edition is a collection of timely and engaging lessons directly from the classroom of terrorism expert James J. F. Forest. The book and accompanying online materials delve into the history of terrorism its root causes its...

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