Cultural Studies

  • Planting SEADs

    What are the stories Southeast Asians carry from the Mekong to the Mississippi? In Minnesota's first Southeast Asian-authored anthology of stories poetry and artwork the Southeast Asian diaspora storytelling (SEADS) initiative aims to reclaim honor...

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  • So, You Think You're Alone

    Ann Marlatt shares her personal anecdotes (and those of her friends and family) of delightful happenstance and illuminating meetings that open our eyes to the existence of a higher power and fate that govern our lives even if we can’t always see it...

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  • Working with Grandpa

    Agna Iyanka Elmer Norbert Running was perhaps the last of the old-time Lakota wicasa wakan or medicine men. He was one of the few to open up the Sundance to non-Indians. People from all over the world came to his ceremonies. This is the story of one...

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