Politics & Social Sciences

  • Secrets of the Congdon Mansion

    An inside look at Minnesota's most infamous murders. Elisabeth Congdon an 83-year-old heiress and her nurse Velma Pietila were brutally murdered in the 39-room Congdon mansion on the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth. Accused were Congdon's adopted...

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  • Stalking Mary

    A disturbed adolescent boy a young female teacher and a fifteen-year fixation that ultimately led to a horrific and deadly abduction.In May of 1980 Mary Stauffer and her eight-year-old daughter Beth thought they were preparing for an international...

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  • The Creative Activist

    Do you feel there is something significant you are meant to do? Do you long to have a life of meaning and impact? The Creative Activist is an inspiration toolbox for seekers of all kinds. It contains thirty-six stories from people who have embraced...

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  • The Hidden South--Come Home

    The Hidden South-Come Home is the first book by Atlanta-based photographer and storyteller Brent Walker. Through stunning portraiture and intimate conversations Brent takes the reader on a journey across the Southeastern United States uncovering...

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  • The Just Market

    Jewish source texts wrestle with many of the same economic concerns that occupy the contemporary public square: income inequality structural unemployment instability rampant financial fraud and spiraling personal debt. The Just Market: Torah's...

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  • The Mad Mad Mad World of Climatism

    The Mad Mad Mad World of Climatism is the first book on climate change that is fun to read. Using figures cartoons and whimsical sidebars Steve Goreham describes our crazy world which is far down the primrose path of global warming fantasy...

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  • The Millennium Villages Project (MVP)

    The Millennium Villages Project (MVP) grew out of a United Nations summit conference in 2000 where nearly 200 nations agreed on eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) &ndash including reducing child mortality promoting gender equality fighting...

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  • The Roots of Defeat

    This book takes you behind today's headlines to reveal the enormous social and economic changes that created an opening for Donald Trump to appeal to white working class voters in the Midwest. The Roots of Defeat tells the story of the New Deal...

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  • The Sky Is Not the Limit

    The Sky is Not the Limit presents the accumulated wisdom of a life lived under extraordinary circumstances. The author grew up Jewish under the shadow of the Nazi regime and later participated in an anti-Communist uprising. A practicing physician he...

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  • The Sunni-Shia Conflict

    Moving beyond tired descriptions of the Middle East as a land of ideological fanatics Nathan Gonzalez exposes the cold political interests behind the ongoing conflict that pits members of the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam against each other.About...

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  • The Terrorism Lectures 2nd ed.

    The Terrorism Lectures 2nd Edition is a collection of timely and engaging lessons directly from the classroom of terrorism expert James J. F. Forest. The book and accompanying online materials delve into the history of terrorism its root causes its...

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