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  • Poetry

    • Life Cycle of a Bear

      Life Cycle of a Bear

      Steven Kleinman’s Life Cycle of a Bear, winner of the 2019 Philip Levine Poetry Prize, selected by C.G. Hanzlicek, is an antidote to a moment defined by fatalism and fake news. The effort to imagine the specific, to show truth and prove it no...

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    • Arsenal With Praise Song

      Arsenal With Praise Song

      Rodney Gómez's Arsenal With Praise Song somehow manages to yoke together lament and celebration, reproach and veneration across the borders of eras and nations. Set in the stark desert landscape of the México–U.S. border all...

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    • I Asked Destiny to Make One for Me

      I Asked Destiny to Make One for Me

      Written by Diego Orlandini over a decade of self-inquiry and illustrated with the artwork of world-renowned street artist Miles Toland, the poems in this book allude to the process of realization from the entrapment of our karmic cycle to the release of...

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    • From the Flutes of Our Bones Subtitle: poems

      From the Flutes of Our Bones Subtitle: poems

      In her new collection, Mary Moore Easter opens the door on black worlds—home ground to some, less familiar to others—adjusting her register to the mood and subject at hand. In some poems she reacts with fury to the American political system,...

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    • Images: A Collection of Poetry, Prose and More

      Images: A Collection of Poetry, Prose and More

      IMAGES, A Collection of Poetry, Prose and More for the adventurous at heart! From pirates sailing thunderous seas in search of buried treasure to gunslingers squaring off at the Good Time Saloon comes a collection of new and exciting poetry, prose and...

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    • Mostly Human

      Mostly Human

      Winner of the 2020 Wicked Woman Book Prize.  Mostly Human’s central character, Round Baby—plump infant, tumescent teen—rules these poems. Round Baby is the Gen-X offspring of the ERASERHEAD baby and Love’s Baby Soft, herald...

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    • Shelter


      The word shelter invokes the importance of safety and comfort in life. Whether permanent or temporary, shelter is among the basic human rights and is also needed by plants and animals. Here poet Margaret Hasse and artist Sharon DeMark offer words and...

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    • Bad Jamie

      Bad Jamie

      Bad Jamie drinks too much, takes pills swiped from his uncle, and is a bane to his whole family. Even in death, his grandmothers can't quit trying to take care of him; they come back as woodpeckers and circle through his life with disapproving guidance...

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    • Now I Live Among Old Trees: poems

      Now I Live Among Old Trees: poems

      In this, her sixth collection of poems, Norita Dittberner-Jax writes of coming to grips with her beloved husband’s last years with ALS and her own diagnosis of cancer.  One dies and one lives.  In the aftermath, an unfamiliar landscape of...

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    • What Trees Know: poems

      What Trees Know: poems

      The poems gathered in Emilio DeGrazia’s latest collection, What Trees Know, take for their subject not only what trees “know” but what they are, how we think about them, and how their quiet presence affects our lives. Such a focus may...

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    • Furry Slut

      Furry Slut

      Furry Slut is the computer game avatar of the speaker of Chazz Chitwood’s poems. This collection will appeal mightily to audiences including but far from limited to those who have found personal freedom in assuming another identity via an avatar...

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    • Divining


      In Brooke Sahni's debut, Divining, the complexities of a young woman's religious and cultural inheritances are plumbed in poems that resist easy simplifications. Sahni fashions a web of her own between Sikhism and Judaism, India and America...

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