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  • Poetry

    • How Do You Like It Now, Gentlemen?

      How Do You Like It Now, Gentlemen?

      Winner of the 2021 Wicked Woman prize for poems that focus on a woman who somehow “broke the mold.” In this memoir, the speaker of the poems sees herself as such a Wicked Woman in that she defied numerous conventions, suffered, survived, and...

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    • A Pilgrimage of Churches

      A Pilgrimage of Churches

      A Pilgrimage of Churches arises from the landscape of the Great Plains, the people who live there, who work the land, and who worship together in community on the Sabbath Day. They hold a heritage of faith and devotion that is an American story. It is...

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    • The Origami Swan: New and selected poems

      The Origami Swan: New and selected poems

      The Origami Swan is a posthumous collection of mostly unpublished poetry by the prolific and beloved poet Dyane Fancey, collected, transcribed, and laboriously edited by the late poet's husband to preserve all their wit, erudition, sexuality, passionate...

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    • Wolf Lamb Bomb

      Wolf Lamb Bomb

      Aviya Kushner's debut poetry collection, Wolf Lamb Bomb, revives and reimagines the Book of Isaiah in an intimate conversation between woman and prophet. In the aftermath of September 11th, ongoing violence in the Middle East, and resurgent antisemitism,...

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    • Speaking in Riddles

      Speaking in Riddles

      Author Sharon Chmielarz, best known for her wry and subtle poems, here turns her attention in a slightly different direction, to word-puzzles that actually have a solution—often more than one. The language is as pleasant and evocative as always,...

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    • Post-Mortem


      Spanning ages and species and cultures, Heather Altfeld's Post-Mortem pays tribute to the passing glory of this planet and all that our hands have made. These often long-form, expansive poems take many shapes and modes, including prose...

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    • Index for September 11th

      Index for September 11th

      Index for September 11th was born out of a tumultuous adolescence spent in a rapidly changing world. It describes the transition from girl to woman that occurred between 2001 and 2011. During this decade, the author moved from Michigan to New...

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    •  Haiku


      Haiku originated in New York City in 1964, when Beat Generation poet Diane di Prima gave West Coast assemblage artist George Herms a series of seasonal poems that would lead him to create a suite of woodcuts illustrating them. can't sleep: inside...

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    • Oracular Transmissions

      Oracular Transmissions

      Oracular Transmissions weaves together three of the most recent collaborative projects Etel Adnan and Lynn Marie Kirby have completed through processes of exchange and translation: Back, Back Again to Paris (2013), The Alhambra (2016), and Transmissions...

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    • Theatrix: Poetry Plays

      Theatrix: Poetry Plays

      Let's hear it for play! We've already got COVID and malfeasance in politics and police brutality. In Terese Svoboda's eighth book of poetry, Theatrix: Poetry Plays, Shakespeare, Beckett, Hair, absurdist theater, the usher (the Fall of the House of) and...

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