• A Father’s Kiss

    A Father’s Kiss

    A father kisses his newborn daughter and offers a simple prayer. It is a heartfelt ritual that repeats itself at meaningful moments the remainder of their lives-and beyond. AUTHOR: Uldrich Jack ILLUSTRATOR: Melin Dani

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  • GIST


    Gist is a powerful book that reviews and examines what the journey to adulthood entails along with a clear look at those parenting efforts that have proven not to work over the years. "Many hours and much emotional energy are spent in parenting...

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  • Just Tell Her To Stop

    Just Tell Her To Stop

    Interviewing dozens of families Becky Henry filled her book Just Tell Her to Stop: Family Stories of Eating Disorders with personal accounts that not only educate about eating disorders but provide help to those impacted by these deadly illnesses...

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  • Present Moment Parenting

    Present Moment Parenting

    Buy 10 or more copies for a 20% discount - add discount code PMP20 at checkout. Winner 2017 Mom's Choice Gold Award Nationally acclaimed parent coach and trainer Tina Feigal returns with this revised edition of her book, formerly titled The Pocket...

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  • Raising Twins

    Raising Twins

    One of every thirty babies born today is a twin-close to double the percentage of twins born just a quarter-century ago. Raising two children born on the same day presents special challenges to parents and offers unusual rewards. In Raising Twins poet...

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  • Real Mountains

    Real Mountains

    Real Mountains tells the story of the weeklong search for Greg Seftick and Walker Kuhl two friends missing in Grand Teton National Park and the love for mountains and medicine that brought Greg west. Author Dan Seftick shares his struggle to deal with...

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  • The Game Is Playing Your Kid

    The Game Is Playing Your Kid

    As technology advances and digital devices infiltrate our homes it is important to monitor how our kids are using these items. But how can you decrease your kids' overreliance on technology without stifling their freedom or making them "outsiders"...

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  • The Road by Heart

    The Road by Heart

    AUTHORS: Yehuda Amichai / Robert Bly / Philip Booth / Richard Broderick / Michael Dennis Browne / David Budbill / Charles Bukowski / Hayden Carruth / Hardy Coleman / Stephen Dobyns / Gary Dop / William Evans / Mike Finley / C. G. Hanzlicek / Jim Harrison...

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  • Your Baby Manual . . .

    Your Baby Manual . . .

    Parenting is an experience that can be joyous rewarding and deeply fulfilling. Caring for a newborn or toddler can surpass any other experience in life it can be intense and raise powerful emotions that parents will remember forever. Parenting is also...

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