Grief & Loss

  • Alone


    "Alone/For All Those Who Grieve is a collection of poems and prose about coping with the strain of caregiving and grief and healing after my dementia-stricken wife’s long goodbye. It is written to help those who suffer a grievous loss to work...

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  • Be Brave

    Be Brave

    How difficult it is to watch someone lose their mental faculties. How much harder when this someone is beloved central to your life. Be Brave: A Wife's Journey Through Caregiving is Florrie's Munat's story of caring for her husband Chuck. Florrie...

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  • Love Letters

    Love Letters

    Profound loneliness and confusion often follow the death of a loved one. Author Andris A. Baltins unexpectedly lost Nancy—his best friend childhood sweetheart wife and the mother of their children—to ovarian cancer. These letters to Nancy...

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  • Suddenly Single

    Suddenly Single

    One moment they were a happily married couple facing a normal hectic work day. The next moment Ruthann found herself faced with making arrangements for her husband’s memorial service. As a means of coping with losing Terry Ruthann began keeping a...

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  • The Grieving Time

    The Grieving Time

    “This slender heartfelt book will linger in the mind and give comfort for a long time.” —The New York Times Book Review More than 150 000 copies of this modern classic have been sold. Anne Brooks looked desperately for something to...

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  • This Thing Called Grief

    This Thing Called Grief

    Grief is a crazy-making complicated process a struggle to acknowledge the life-changing impact of loss. It affects every dimension of the self it is despairing isolating and overwhelming. It is depriving mischievous and keeps you unbalanced. Grief is so...

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