Mending My Wings

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Beverly Sahin
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Born in 1940 Beverly Sahin has degrees in mathematics and German. She speaks some Turkish as well has traveled extensively and lived overseas. The mother of two grown sons she was born and raised in Des Moines Iowa and currently lives in

My first thought about remembering my childhood is that I don't want to begins the author of Mending My Wings a candid inspiring autobiography. Pulling herself up by her psychological bootstraps Beverly Sahin found the way to a meaningful and fulfilling life despite having emerged from childhood with no self-esteem and disturbed by thoughts she might stab her parents to death as they slept. Ms. Sahin found ideas and insights throughout her life that carried her through difficult periods until she finally achieved the happy “love affair with herself” that is the basis of a healthy life.
Always a thinker Ms. Sahin is at heart a teacher parent problem solver and builder. Rigorously applying new insights to her life as she came upon them she became first an effective teacher and later a highly successful parent two of the most important and challenging jobs we know. And finally she happens across the key to her original family — and possibly yours too. By sharing her growth process she helps us all. Serving as background to her story are the unusual events of her very interesting life.