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  • ABC Can You Find Me?

    Find one or find them all! Search for the 7 hidden letters on each page. A great book for letter recognition and hand eye coordination. Read the engaging rhyme on each page-- then let the hunt begin!...

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  • AMARI’s Great Adventures

    Amari's Great Adventures: The Magical Playground is the first book in a children's series featuring Amari and his larger-than-life animal friends. Colorful illustrations and authentic characters...

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  • Angels of Hell

    Finding themselves stranded, partners Dacitrynn and Leviathan struggle to make their way back home after what inexplicably happened to them back in the eleven village. However, as time progresses,...

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  • Believe In Yourself

    The book Believe in Yourself is a motivational book that will help anyone learn the secret to success. And the book is designed to be a simple read and a thought provoking book to get someone to look...

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  • Black and Blue

    black and blue is an in-depth novel exploring issues around police shootings of unarmed Blacks. It follows Detective Givens a Black detective assigned to investigate the shooting of a Black man by a...

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  • Black Day

    Brad is a paper boy who wants to be a rock star so when he discovers the band Black Day playing in old Professor Hammer's garage he really wants to join. The band's monsters have a different idea...

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  • Blowback '07

    Clashing teenage twins Arky and Iris have one thing in common: an ancient musical instrument left to them by their mother. When Iris plays the strangely curved woodwind the trouble begins Arky's...

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  • Capture the Sun

    Capture the Sun chronicles first the life story of an African young man growing up poor in his native third world land and second getting an opportunity to improve himself by being educated in a...

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  • Cheetah System

    Tired of diet and exercise plans that aren't sustainable and make you feel worse for trying them? Personal trainer Casey Jackson shares the bold truth on how to lose weight and still eat what you...

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