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  • A Guide to Fantasy Literature

    A Guide to Fantasy Literature

    A Guide to Fantasy Literature is a wide-ranging thoughtful look at the magic of fantasy storytelling and why it delights and enchants readers of all ages. The book discusses the nature of the best writing from tales of Middle-earth and Narnia to many...

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  • Fill-in-the-Blank Plotting

    Fill-in-the-Blank Plotting

    Fill-in-the-Blank Plotting combines the two most reliable story structures – the Hero’s Journey and the Three-Act Structure – and shows writers how to merge them to create a powerful plot. Some writers are lucky. Plots pop into their...

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    The I Love To Write Book

    The I Love to Write Book is a get-started guide to launch young writers on a journey to success . . . in the classroom and beyond. The I Love to Write Book is an instructional and inspirational get-started guide for young writers ages 8-14 to launch them...

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  • The Orison Anthology

    The Orison Anthology

    The Orison Anthology aims to not only fill but expand the space left by the absence of The Best American Spiritual Writing series. In addition to reprinted material each year the anthology will also include new previously unpublished works of fiction...

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  • The Ultimate Actualist Convention

    The Ultimate Actualist Convention

    Actualism may be regarded as less a movement than an attitude characterized primarily by generosity of spirit. Open-minded rebellious joyful dedicated deranged searching and self-satirizing. This volume is a montage: memoir history celebration ...

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