Women's Literature

  • Behind the Mask

    Behind the Mask

    You build relationships to betray relationships. That is the motto for the FBI's undercover program and special agent Lexie Montgomery is just beginning to understand what that means. Lexie's first assignment is infiltrating a radical cell of the...

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  • Blood Vinyls

    Blood Vinyls

    The organization of the Blood Vinyls as tracks with each track as a theme illuminates these soulful gorgeous intelligently-crafted poems capturing the black South and womanhood so intimately and with such knowing - an edgy discography of Florida...

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  • Capitol Hell

    Capitol Hell

    When recent college graduate Allison Amundson a small town girl from South Dakota lands the highly sought-after job of scheduler to the newly-elected and rising star of the United States Senate Senator Anders McDermott III she initially thinks she is on...

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  • Crumbs Aren't Enough

    Crumbs Aren't Enough

    With $80 000 in student debt an alter ego named Crazy Charlie and more than her fair share of hang-ups Charlie Bennett is on a mission: a mission to feel better about herself. By all accounts this shouldn't be too difficult. After all Charlie has...

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  • Echoes of Evil

    Echoes of Evil

    When her entire family dies suddenly in a tragic car accident psychology graduate student Susan McNealy is alone in the world. Five years later now a respected psychologist Susan meets and marries charismatic Steven Holmgren and becomes pregnant-on the...

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  • Lost in Montreal

    Lost in Montreal

    Lost in Montreal tells the story of Jacqueline a lively undaunted girl of fifteen and the competition between her and Lisbeth her aloof beautiful and seductive Austrian Jewish mother who abandoned her when she was very young. Jacqueline gets involved...

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  • Love and Death in Venice

    Love and Death in Venice

    A summer in Venice seemed like a great idea to visiting professors Ariadne Caulfield and Judith Sheridan. While they are recovering from romantic losses new loves enter their lives. Judith meets Suzanne Hanks and Ariadne falls for a wealthy art dealer...

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  • New Black

    New Black

    Tracy Mitchell has it all: she's smart beautiful woke and marrying her dream man. Oxford "X" Quinn provides her with security luxury for her and their newborn son and the resources to bring quality education to the community. The two share a...

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  • Perverse Wonderland

    Perverse Wonderland

    Perverse Wonderland is a playful dark comedy and a romantic adventure tale for anyone who has ever loved and lost or loved and found again. Jennifer Harrison's debut novel gives a voice to the type of women who instead of waiting to be saved can only...

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  • The Church in the Plains

    The Church in the Plains

    The Church in the Plains tells the story of a German Lutheran farming community whose members immigrated to Ohio in the 1830s. These poems focus on the community's relationship with the church and the land-the expanse of plains formerly wetlands ...

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  • The Diva and the Beast

    The Diva and the Beast

    Can a diva and a beast actually find love together that lasts forever? When Ieshelle Jones first spots Nicolas St. Pierre she is shaken to the core-he's tall and muscular with palpable animal magnetism and she can't help devouring him with her eyes...

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