• A Stone for Amer

    Will Lindstrom was only sixteen when he and his father left the predictable routine of their family farm in southwestern Minnesota and were launched via the Transcontinental Railway into the wilds of eastern Montana to find Uncle Amer. The year was...

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  • Far Stones

    Eleven-year-old African American twins Tom and Stefan are coping with frontier life in 1860s Texas when they are suddenly separated by a Comanche Indian raid. Far Stones tells of Tom's harsh assimilation into Comanche life while Stefan encounters the...

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  • Orchard

    This much is true. It's 1899. Harry Orchard is a member of the fire-breathing Western Federation of Miners. While other members labor underground to harvest the riches of the earth Orchard is paid to kill men who are a problem for the union. He's an...

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