• A Leafy Green World

    Dr. Brent Holcomb's life had been on a steady decline but things were finally looking up. The life he dreamed of was in reach until tragedy struck. Always his own worst enemy Brent's heartbroken reaction pushed him to new lows moving to Oregon might...

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  • Agents of Hope

    Book Two in the PAN21 Series. Survivors of Pan21-who didn't report to one of the camps-are being hunted by a ruthless group of Texas Rangers throughout the Republic. Destin a young survivor who is one of the terrorists at large has learned to cope and...

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  • Al-thar

    Life isn't easy after preventing what would have been the most disastrous terror attack the world had ever seen. Secreted away in a remote Philippine village Dr. Brent Holcomb is blissfully unaware of how close his enemies are to finding him and exacting...

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  • Arts and Crafts

    NOT LONG AFTER HIS move into the Spring Village retirement community former covert operative Ken Frazier gets an unexpected visit. His good friend and former colleague George Larsen shows up spouting outrageous stories about a clandestine meeting an...

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  • Back to the Island

    Mikael Mulcahy after losing his family decides to start life anew in the Bahamas. There he meets an extraordinary woman Kate who boldly moves in with him declaring to be his half-sister. Mikael learns she is being stalked by an ex-boyfriend because...

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  • Behind the Mask

    You build relationships to betray relationships. That is the motto for the FBI's undercover program and special agent Lexie Montgomery is just beginning to understand what that means. Lexie's first assignment is infiltrating a radical cell of the...

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  • Book Pursued

    George and Jane Mercy find a dusty leather book in a modern library. They take the ancient looking volume hoping to unlock its secret mysteries only to discover it belongs to someone else . . . someone who is now pursuing them with a vengeance while...

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  • Bullseye Breach

    Special Offer!

 Your order of Bullseye Breach from Itasca Books will be autographed (not personalized) by the author! Ripped from recent headlines this gripping cyber-attack tale has all the elements of an international thriller including a floating...

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  • Crossing GEMNI

    Still haunted by unanswered questions and overwhelmed by her loss Huggins is convinced the FBI covered-up the truth. Ten years later Huggins arrives on scene following a mid-air collision over GEMNI – a skyway intersection over Lake Erie. Already...

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  • Echoes of Evil

    When her entire family dies suddenly in a tragic car accident psychology graduate student Susan McNealy is alone in the world. Five years later now a respected psychologist Susan meets and marries charismatic Steven Holmgren and becomes pregnant-on...

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  • Fat Profits

    Is the food we eat safe? Andrew Hastings thought so. But after watching several of his co-workers die he’s not sure of anything anymore. Desperate to climb the corporate ladder Andrew works tirelessly to launch B-Lean International Food & Milling's...

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  • Forbidden Vices

    Charlie's mind reeled. As much as he wanted to go on vacation he couldn't actually refuse a case could he? This was precisely the reason he moved north to New Hampshire from Boston. To flee the rat race and politics of law enforcement. Sure he...

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