Short Stories

  • 15 Views of Miami

    15 Views of Miami

    15 Views of Miami is a literary portrait of the Magic City told in fifteen loosely linked stories by fifteen Miami authors. Sprawling from Hialeah to Homestead from Wynwood to Stiltsville these stories cover a range of cultures languages and lives...

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  • Cooked to Death

    Cooked to Death

    People can be passionate about food. In Cooked to Death that passion is whipped into a murderous froth. Each story revolves around some aspect of food: its origin preparation consumption and in some cases its convenience as a murder weapon...

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  • Head of the Lakes

    Head of the Lakes

    Bukoski does for Superior's East End what Raymond Carver did for the down-and-out of the Pacific Northwest or Pete Hamill did with the Irish in New York. He's brought back to life Superior's Polish Americans and the blue-collar community from its boom...

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  • Nights at the Dream Cafe

    Nights at the Dream Cafe

    The Dream Café a popular neighborhood restaurant is a welcoming haven for all kinds of people. The owner feels that the café’s exceptional nighttime goings-on should be preserved so he asks Tom Gibbs a young writer to be its official...

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  • Pinkies


    In Shane Hinton's debut collection gritty Florida realism collides with the absurd and paternal fears materialize in surreal scenarios. A young Shane Hinton catalogs his dead pets. A father-to-be Shane Hinton combats roving pythons in the suburbs. Yet...

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  • Songs for the Deaf: stories

    Songs for the Deaf: stories

    Winner of the International Book Award (Short Story Collections) Shortlisted for the CLMP Firecracker Fiction Award A little desert town gets a sexual charge from a crash-landed alien. A dysfunctional family tries to summit Everest with "discount...

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  • The Hidden of Things

    The Hidden of Things

    Young men and women in Jerusalem London and New York seek identity spiritual clarity and that nice Jewish girl or boy. Along the way they manage to survive being pelted with fruit in synagogue internet dating during the Second Intifada a romance...

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  • The Stephen Hawking Death Row Fan Club

    The Stephen Hawking Death Row Fan Club

    A stalker lets us glimpse into the world of his compulsions. A woman confronting her convicted rapist becomes obsessed with finding a way to kill him. A neo-nazi begins to see beyond the hate and violence on which he has based his life. How do people...

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  • The Winter Bees

    The Winter Bees

    Behind each door of each small place in this collection of ten short stories people tend to their duties to keep a small town humming. The Winter Bees introduces seemingly mundane lives lived in a rural Minnesota town and reveals journeys of personal...

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  • Wake Up  We’re Here

    Wake Up We’re Here

    In these collected stories of deeply human flawed men and women in search of connection consolation and better odds Dallas Hudgens once again taps into the powerful and resonant view of ordinary lives made less so that has earned him national praise for...

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  • We Can't Help It If We're From Florida

    We Can't Help It If We're From Florida

    Edited by Shane Hinton "As hot and wild and dangerous as our beloved (or is it bedeviled?) state itself." &ndash Lauren Groff author of Fates & Furies "As weird and funny and beautiful and unnerving as you might expect from some of our state's best...

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