Contemporary Romance

  • Good Guys Finish Last

    Good Guys Finish Last

    Good Guys Finish Last is the initial book in The Sisters and Romance series. Sisters Simone and Sabrina find remarkable men who their aunt advises to embrace. Rodney a marketing exec with promise shows Simone the definition of romance. Lorenz an eager...

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  • Minerva's Fox

    Minerva's Fox

    Malorie Ellsworth's life is about to change for the better. Or so she believes. Ahead of her lies graduate school behind her a traumatic childhood. Within weeks of beginning graduate school she's enmeshed in the academic world struggling to make a go of...

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  • Racing Storms

    Racing Storms

    Decoursey dreads the upcoming weekend. A big NASCAR race is taking place at the speedway near her home-and her abusive murder-threatening ex-husband just so happens to be a member of a NASCAR pit crew. Determined not to let her ex-husband have a decent...

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  • The Beauty of the Fall

    The Beauty of the Fall

    A TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE CHARTS A HIGH-RISK UNCONVENTIONAL PATH WHILE GRIEVING THE LOSS OF HIS SON Dan Underlight a divorced workaholic technology executive suffers lingering grief over the death of his ten-year-old son Zack. When Dan's longtime...

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  • The Big Wide Calm

    The Big Wide Calm

    Paige is a rock star. The world just doesn't know it yet. She's got the charisma the drive and of course the mega-musical skills. All she needs is to make her debut album one that will change the world inspire revolutions-and make her galactically famous...

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  • The Color of Home

    The Color of Home

    Can two people stay connected for a lifetime and each know the complete truth about the other? When New Yorker Nick Satterborn falls in love with Sassa Vikander he's convinced the answer is yes. Nick Satterborn. Songwriter. Dabbler on the spiritual path...

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  • Twisted Oak

    Twisted Oak

    Terrified of becoming her mother a woman always waiting for her next fix Susan leaves behind dreary Kansas City for a hostel in New Orleans. With no sense of place and no one to help her navigate the city as she struggles through withdrawal Susan soon...

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  • When Love Evolves

    When Love Evolves

    When Simone's conniving husband Stefan is caught dealing with the Mafia the world she knows is changed. She is left facing an investigation for murder and combating revenge all while striving to save a company she loves a company she inherited from her...

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  • When You Step

    When You Step

    On the surface it looked like Gigi Grant had it all. She managed a successful interior design firm. She had two lovely and precocious teenage daughters. And her best friends Stacey and Vivian were always there to offer support and share gossip over a...

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