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  • Poetry

    • Not a Separate Surge

      Not a Separate Surge New and Selected Poems 1984-2015 comprises work from Kafka's Ear At the Turkish Bath To Move Into the House Ice Like Morsels I Think of Our Lives Mother Tongue Reversion B'Klyn My Hands Remember and a very lively group of...

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    • Outburst

      The anthology will serve as a manual taking readers through the healing journey of difficult times in life. It allows readers to discover that though life becomes difficult and lonely at times there are many people that go through similar situations...

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    • Pink Motel

      "You are not here" says the sign in the corn maze. In Pink Motel knowledge comes enfolded in maps and diagrams old board games cracks in the ceiling everything we use to tell us where we are and how we got there. What if the interstate is a mobius...

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    • Poet Wrangler

      Poet Wrangler is a spirited collection of poems and reflections on the delightful place of poetry in this world. All selections have been performed by the author and enjoyed by multiple audiences. "Marvin R. Hiemstra is Mr. Po-Jangles: 'coupleting like...

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    • Reading Queer

      Reading Queer: Poetry in a Time of Chaos edited by Neil de la Flor and Maureen Seaton is a collection of the most subversive gritty moving and courageous writing to come out of the U.S. queer community in recent political times. "When we started to...

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    • Reflections of a Business Nomad

      Award-winning business excellence author and respected Lean sensei Pascal Dennis offers a striking new perspective on global travel and business consulting with Reflections of a Business Nomad: Stories & Poems from the Road a collection of prose ...

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    • Requiem for Used Ignition Cap

      Winner of the 2016 Texas Institute of Letters Bob Bush Memorial Award for a first book of poetry Named one of the best poetry books of Winter 2016 by Foreword Reviews Winner of the 2015 Orison Poetry Prize Finalist for the 2015 National Poetry Series...

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    • Rocked by the Waters: Poems of Motherhood

      Rocked by the Waters contains 136 poems by contemporary American women who speak with diverse voices and styles. The poets explore the joys and challenges of conception, birth, adoption, raising children, loss, relationships with adult offspring, and...

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    • Salt Heart

      Ostensibly a book of poems about sailing islands oceans and yes salt Kate Dayton's spare imagery conjures the tissue of lives that continue day after day in the midst of devastating losses. With a poet's sensitivity to how language can touch...

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    • Secret Traffic

      Roy McBride spoken word performer poet visual artist visionary master improviser teacher and musician was a fixture on the Minneapolis arts scene for thirty years. A mentor and inspiration to many young African American poets he expressed his...

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    • Some Unimaginable Animal

      In his much-anticipated second poetry collection, David Ebenbach addresses the full scope of the human condition—past, present, and future. Exploring the vast sweep of history, from our ancient evolutionary origins to our future archaeological...

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    • Sometimes …

      This book of poems each of which begins with the word "sometimes " celebrates our world and those who dwell upon it. Every poem is a love song to the things we too often forget to praise from books to stars from our earliest ancestors to a colorful...

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