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  • Poetry

    • Key West Nights & Other Aftershocks

      Carolina Hospital’s new book of poems is a bellwether collection of a woman’s encounters with cultural fragmentation and assimilation, violence and recovery, isolation and acceptance, brutality and love. “Hospital’s latest...

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    • Kissing the Shuttle

      Original poetry, compelling photographs, and contextual summaries depict the rise of textile mills and King Cotton in the 19th century through the turn of the 20th. With industrialization came a matrix of events, sometimes deadly, always in the name of...

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    • Known by Salt

      In Known by Salt, Tina Mozelle Braziel searches for home in the trailer park where she grew up and in the house she and her husband built by hand. Aware that her homes and life fall short of social norms, she asks “how come” as she discovers...

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    • Lady Of Light

      Diane Wakoski's Lady of Light offers all new poems - continuing her lifetime tropes sprawling forms and general "bad assery." In "Now She Has Disappeared in Water" she mourns the death of her sister Marilyn in long series of lament recall and...

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    • little eternities

      In this expansive collection the narrator describes events she may or may not have witnessed and muses on history and the ways images present themselves some as homey as fiddling with an alarm clock others as arcane as an Egyptian heiroglyph. The...

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    • Makeshift Instructions for Vigilant Girls

      Poetry. "These cool hot poems about women and girls in danger and on the prowl coming of age and being of age are full of startling detail and vivid setting. Meitner's range wit compassion and her alertness to the moments where domestic and...

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    • Many Parishes

      Koesters' Many Parishes is an original. The poems seem to smack the hard-ass contemporary world up against a deep spiritual sense until we see they're one and the same. Adrian Koesters is able to write of men calling out to a ten-year old "spinster" to...

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    • Mormon Heroin

      Mormon Heroin is an epic book of poetry—400+ pages—that charts the map of one year in a man’s life as it details the dissolution of his marriage sexual identities values—assigned and unassigned—through language and culture and recovery from drug...

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    • My Hands Remember

      Over the course of a lifetime's worth of beautiful poems as well as translations from Yiddish that read like beautiful poems in English Richard Fein has created the song of himself and of his Brooklyn--Jewish world. It is a world preserved in lines...

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    • Nodin Poetry Anthology

      Contributors: Joyce Sutphen Richard Broderick Carol Connolly John Flynn Jenny Yang Cropp John Edstrom Margot Fortunato Galt Erik Heen Nicole Borg Bill Meissner Sharon Chmielarz John Lee Clark Elissa Cottle Rita Hawes Charles Mundale Marcy...

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    • Nordic Accordion

      All of Bart Sutter's grandparents spoke Swedish. In his earliest years he heard old people talk Norwegian in farm kitchens and on the streets in town and there were Finns Danes and Icelanders in the neighborhood too. The music of these Nordic...

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    • North Dakota Days

      North Dakota Days is a radiant collection of watercolors and writings by Bro Halff, capturing the beauty of North Dakota’s land and buildings, and the life-affirming attitude of its people. This book, and its companion volume, North Dakota Travels,...

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