• A Parting Glass

    A Parting Glass

    "These poems were inspired by our year in Mallow County Cork (May 2012 &ndash May 2013). They happened only because we were fortunate enough to participate in two very Irish communities: the congregation of St. James (Church of Ireland) where my wife...

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  • All the World at Once

    All the World at Once

    Greg Watson's poetry carries an everyday eloquence that harbors elements of mystery and sangfroid by turns. There are times when it's difficult to tell one from the other as images and thoughts develop with even-tempered grace. He is a master at evoking...

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  • Alone


    "Alone/For All Those Who Grieve is a collection of poems and prose about coping with the strain of caregiving and grief and healing after my dementia-stricken wife’s long goodbye. It is written to help those who suffer a grievous loss to work...

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  • American Nocturne

    American Nocturne

    American Nocturne Elisabeth Stevens' sixth book of poetry is unfet&shytered wide-ranging. Unlike her fifth col&shylection SIRENS' SONGS which was selected by Kirkus Reviews as one of the hundred best indie books of 2011 and focused intensely on...

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  • And For the Mouth A Flower

    And For the Mouth A Flower

    And For The Mouth A Flower is a gritty mystical chronicle of poems revolving how we sanctify and desecrate in a globalized world. Its many voices quest for what lies on the other side of words.

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  • Arsonist


    Winner of the 2017 Anhinga Robert Dana Prize selected by Eduardo C. Corral Arsonist is a shape-shifter of a book a book that leaves the reader with an existential "shivering " yet it is on fire. Loaded with lethal chemicals like let us say desire...

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  • At the Border of Wilshire & Nobody

    At the Border of Wilshire & Nobody

    At the Border of Wilshire &amp Nobody winner of the 2015 Howling Bird Press Poetry Prize features California poet Marci Vogel's vivid explorations of memory family loss and life across intersections of contemporary landscapes and cultures at home and...

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  • Awaiting Your Impossibilities

    Awaiting Your Impossibilities

    Poetry. "&hellipIt is a feast to follow these evocations and beholdings their clarity and sweep where even grit on a ripening orange comes to resemble 'the night side of planets.' How rare it is to find so sure and accomplished a meditative eye...

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  • Bay of Angels

    Bay of Angels

    From the Introduction: La Baie des Anges is in beautiful black and white that won't make you regret the lack of color. It is an existentialist film but one that doesn't seem dated. The romance is not gaudy it's believable both about gambling and about...

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  • Between Us

    Between Us

    In Between Us Margaret Hasse brings her distinctively lyrical voice to bear on a range of experiences and states of being. She writes with precision and surprise about connections with both the natural world and with people. The events Hasse writes...

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  • Blood Transparencies

    Blood Transparencies

    Blood Transparencies: An Autobiography in Verse is a brutally honest narrative of coming-of-age in a unique American family. Told in a series of poetic vignettes it details life with a father who believes John Muir's words more essential than the Bible...

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  • Blood Vinyls

    Blood Vinyls

    The organization of the Blood Vinyls as tracks with each track as a theme illuminates these soulful gorgeous intelligently-crafted poems capturing the black South and womanhood so intimately and with such knowing - an edgy discography of Florida...

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