• 101 Doughnut Proverbs

    101 Doughnut Proverbs

    Life may be like a box of chocolates but there’s a lot more fun waiting for you in 101 Doughnut Proverbs! This book puts forth amusing lessons to tie together life's intricate paths with a sense of familiarity. 101 Doughnut Proverbs is a...

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  • 101 Things To Do with a Dead Body

    101 Things To Do with a Dead Body

    It seems like every day people are finding themselves left with perfectly good dead bodies. Sure perhaps they're a little bruised and they may even have some stretch marks. But what are the reasonable alternatives? Cremation? Yes it's affordable but...

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  • A Platter of Chatter

    A Platter of Chatter

    “Come with me on a stay-at-home journey where our imaginations soar. Venturing to an oasis for the mind we will spend the day into the evening relaxing.” A Platter of Chatter is both a clever and culinary journey from Minnesota to Paris to...

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  • B.S. Incorporated

    B.S. Incorporated

    Business Solutions Inc. is falling apart at the seams. While employees kill time stalking free snacks and filming porn in the HQ stairwells the company's co-CEOs bring in shadowy corporate consultants to shake up their business in ways even they don't...

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  • Citizen Mitten

    Citizen Mitten

    Mitten the craziest of cats nearly drove the whole family nuts. How crazy? I had to extract him from two major appliances he would roll in dirt and change color he would actually hide from us outside he would play detective and turn into “stealth...

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  • Crumbs Aren't Enough

    Crumbs Aren't Enough

    With $80 000 in student debt an alter ego named Crazy Charlie and more than her fair share of hang-ups Charlie Bennett is on a mission: a mission to feel better about herself. By all accounts this shouldn't be too difficult. After all Charlie has...

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  • Debridement


    Dr. Jack Hastings had what he considered a satisfying life as a dedicated critical care physician. He had no outlandish dreams only wanting the personal satisfaction of a life well lived and the knowledge that he had made a difference in the lives of his...

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  • Duffy


    When a rescue dog named Duffy arrives in Heaven neither limitless bowls of chow nor bottomless barrels of rawhide can take away the longing for his "folks" back home. Then he meets Rex a literary easterner of the Boston Terrier persuasion who encourages...

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  • Easy Livin’ on Ballard Street

    Easy Livin’ on Ballard Street

    All copies are signed by the author! Jerry Van Amerongen is the 2003 and 2005 winner of The Best Newspaper Cartoon Panel Of The Year Award by the National Cartoonists Society. Jerry's cartoons have been in continuous syndication for nearly 35 years...

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  • Empathy and Eyebrows

    Empathy and Eyebrows

    Between her time as a radio host television figure and social media personality Danni Starr has never been afraid of sharing her opinion. In this book she takes you on a whirlwind tour of her own life and beyond with plenty of personal perspective...

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