Historical Fiction

  • A Stone for Amer

    A Stone for Amer

    Will Lindstrom was only sixteen when he and his father left the predictable routine of their family farm in southwestern Minnesota and were launched via the Transcontinental Railway into the wilds of eastern Montana to find Uncle Amer. The year was...

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  • A War of Her Own

    A War of Her Own

    A War of Her Own is a compelling World War II historical novel set in Orange Texas in 1943 about a Texas version of Rosie the Riveter in search of happiness. In the summer of 1943 Orange Texas is a sleepy little town overrun with tens of thousands of...

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  • An Unfinished Sunset

    An Unfinished Sunset

    An Unfinished Sunset : The Return of Irish Bly follows the surprising trajectory of a hackneyed ad man who abandons his jaded existence for quixotic exploits under the assumed identity of Irish Bly a swashbuckling alter ego he'd invented in boyhood. New...

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  • Becoming George Washington

    Becoming George Washington

    A far cry from the powdered-haired general or president discussed in most Washington biographies Becoming George Washington reveals young Washington as an action hero at the epicenter of the French &amp Indian War. Becoming George Washington follows...

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  • Caught in the Current

    Caught in the Current

    Caught in the Current takes the reader on a magical mystery tour of Eastern and Western Europe during the summer of 1970 a tumultuous period of free love equal rights demonstrations and Vietnam antiwar protests in America but an equally revolutionary...

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  • Confederate Gold

    Confederate Gold

    Confederate Gold is an action-packed comedy taking a serious look at the American Civil War through the eyes of reenactors in the twenty-first century. This fun funny novel is a raucous run rampaging through Richmond Virginia's Civil War history. In June...

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  • Dark Side of the Loon

    Dark Side of the Loon

    "Minnesota nice" casts a long shadow. Dark emotions and even darker thoughts seep from these murky depths harvested by writers whose stories take us down in flames up in smoke and leave us helplessly entranced by the haunting call of the loon. Foreword...

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  • Delicate Armor

    Delicate Armor

    Set in the Upper Midwest 1952-1991 Delicate Armor is the story of several generations of the Lindstrom family. Having no son Will Lindstrom places his energy in young Callie a cheeky girl who shares his bond with the outdoors. Inducted into the world of...

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  • Due Unto

    Due Unto

    Due Unto: Denmark Vesey's Story by K. F. Jones is a stunning tale of a dystopian world not of the future but of the past. A past where slavery endures even as a new nation breaks free from its colonial bonds. Driven by survival secrets love war scandal...

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  • Eleanor’s Wars

    Eleanor’s Wars

    2016 Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for Best New Voice: Fiction It's 1942 and the globe is aflame. Eleanor Sutton matriarch of a prosperous New Jersey family struggles to fight the war on the home front. But then long-buried memories rooted in Eleanor's...

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  • Far Stones

    Far Stones

    Eleven-year-old African American twins Tom and Stefan are coping with frontier life in 1860s Texas when they are suddenly separated by a Comanche Indian raid. Far Stones tells of Tom's harsh assimilation into Comanche life while Stefan encounters the...

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