• Céline


    C&eacuteline is the story of two women a man and the emotional and erotic bonds that connect them. C&eacuteline and Alexa are lovers who met in Geneva ten years prior to the start of the story. They are members of an international criminal...

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  • Dialogues on the Beach

    Dialogues on the Beach

    McLucas has a keen ear for the subtleties of language verbal language and body language. "He can calculate to the penny how much a smile can cost and how quickly it can be spent." --David Bergman "Jim is an engaging narrator a reader can't help but...

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  • Duet


    Duet is a wildly comic story of a beautiful and talented young woman in her 20's living in New York City and her misadventures as she navigates men's desires and fears. When most women look into a mirror they see flaws in their body. Some of those flaws...

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  • Kenya's Souls

    Kenya's Souls

    Cameron Oniell is unprepared when his plane touches down in Nairobi. Having signed a two-year contract as a site construction manager to build a pipeline in the town of Kisumu he leaves behind his two young children and comfortable life for an adventure...

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  • The Diva and the Beast

    The Diva and the Beast

    Can a diva and a beast actually find love together that lasts forever? When Ieshelle Jones first spots Nicolas St. Pierre she is shaken to the core-he's tall and muscular with palpable animal magnetism and she can't help devouring him with her eyes...

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