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  • 15 Views of Miami

    15 Views of Miami

    15 Views of Miami is a literary portrait of the Magic City told in fifteen loosely linked stories by fifteen Miami authors. Sprawling from Hialeah to Homestead from Wynwood to Stiltsville these stories cover a range of cultures languages and lives...

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  • A Better House for Ritchie

    A Better House for Ritchie

    In this comic and tender one-act play Ritchie and his partner make up bawdy parodies of typical Christmas songs bicker make up bicker and finally decide they should move on-not from each other but from the place where they now live. Amid tough...

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  • A Green Isle in the Sea  Love

    A Green Isle in the Sea Love

    A line from Edgar Allan Poe's poem "To a Lost Love " provides the title for Elisabeth Stevens' elegiac provocative and sexy new novel of the 1950's. A Green Isle in the Sea Love returns to that calm politically and sexually conservative era of Post World...

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  • A Hero Dreams

    A Hero Dreams

    Devastated by his father's sudden death eight-year-old Ricky begins to see things-a ghostly silhouette in his bedroom window a gruesome train accident involving four local teenagers a terrorist attack that won't occur for another twenty-five years. After...

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  • A Leafy Green World

    A Leafy Green World

    Dr. Brent Holcomb's life had been on a steady decline but things were finally looking up. The life he dreamed of was in reach until tragedy struck. Always his own worst enemy Brent's heartbroken reaction pushed him to new lows moving to Oregon might be...

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  • A Loss Too Great A Loss Too Great

    A Loss Too Great

    Shocked! Tom Stetson's Army training kicks him into action. He administers first aid to his wife Mary. She's his everything especially after they become empty nesters. When her fear of their son crystallizes the reality ignites dark and dreary behavior...

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  • A Parting Glass

    A Parting Glass

    "These poems were inspired by our year in Mallow County Cork (May 2012 &ndash May 2013). They happened only because we were fortunate enough to participate in two very Irish communities: the congregation of St. James (Church of Ireland) where my wife...

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  • A Place of Stone and Shadow

    A Place of Stone and Shadow

    When sixteen-year-old Fiona O'Malley leaves home to attend Wyndriven Female Academy in Reconstruction-era Mississippi she has a good deal to worry about. But with her new servant Bridey Fiona hopes to leave the spirits she has been seeing behind her. ...

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  • A Quiet Fear

    A Quiet Fear

    Working hard at life Lilly thinks of herself as a committed teacher wife and mother. She is at last content. Then unexpectedly she experiences horrifying flashbacks while caring for her toddler son. Panic takes over stripping her of confidence and...

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  • A Single Happened Thing

    A Single Happened Thing

    "I would never witness anything interesting. I would never write anything beyond memos and flap copy and travel itineraries. I would simply love my wife and my daughters and hold them close and continue to take in meaningless midweek doubleheaders and...

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  • A Stone for Amer

    A Stone for Amer

    Will Lindstrom was only sixteen when he and his father left the predictable routine of their family farm in southwestern Minnesota and were launched via the Transcontinental Railway into the wilds of eastern Montana to find Uncle Amer. The year was 1919...

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  • A Tortoise in the Road

    A Tortoise in the Road

    June 2 2002 is an ordinary day for a handful of strangers driving through the desert when a tortoise crosses the road resulting in a horrific automobile collision that will connect the lives of these strangers forever. Flash forward a few years and...

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