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  • Fiction & Literature

    • The Orison Anthology: Vol. 6, 2021

      The Orison Anthology: Vol. 6, 2021

      The Orison Anthology is an annual collection of the finest spiritually engaged writing that appeared in periodicals in the preceding year. Our anthology aims to not only fill, but expand the space left by the absence of the Best American...

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    • Requiem in Granite: A Novel

      Requiem in Granite: A Novel

      After a most unfortunate day at school, burned-out architectural history teacher Michael Fischer goes away for a Columbus Day weekend jaunt to visit his mother and an old high-school friend. He makes a side trip to hunt for the gravestone of a stonemason...

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    • The Distortions

      The Distortions

      In The Distortions we glimpse a pageant of characters struggling to understand their lives after the dissolution of Yugoslavia. Scarred by the last major war fought on European soil, the women and men of these stories question what such a...

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    • In the Dark: Volume 2

      In the Dark: Volume 2

      Secrets and lies begin to swallow Xie Lanshan's sanity as he continues to navigate the mystery surrounding his unanswered question of "Who am I?" The mass kidnapping case permeates the news and Xie Lanshan is on the mend. He's won the heart of ice-cold...

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    • The Gift: Eleanor

      The Gift: Eleanor

      The North Atlantic, 14 April 1912. Amid the chaos of the sinking Titanic, a young Eleanor Annenberg meets the eyes of a stranger and is immediately captivated. As the ship buckles around them, she follows him down into the hold and finds him leaning over...

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    • Grounded Eagles: Three Tales of the RAF in WWII

      Grounded Eagles: Three Tales of the RAF in WWII

      Three tales that explore the problems of coping with injury, family commitments in wartime, and PTSS. Whether facing plastic surgery after defacing burns or disciplinary action for cowardice, this book explores the emotions behind the heroics A Stranger...

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    • In the Dark: Volume 1

      In the Dark: Volume 1

      Even if trapped in darkness, one will always search for the light. This is a story of a young police officer searching for the answer to "Who am I?" Xie Lanshan was an undercover drug enforcement officer who made his way inside the Golden Triangle's...

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    • Coolest American Stories 2022

      Coolest American Stories 2022

      America's most talented storytellers share their most courageous, compelling, unputdownable work in a collection made for story lovers. Praised early on by Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk author Ben Fountain and The Weight of Blood author...

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    • The Permanent Observer

      The Permanent Observer

      A temp job at the UN thrusts our unsuspecting heroine into international intrigue and stirs up complicated feelings for her eccentric boss, hero of a bygone era, cloaked in mystery and pipe smoke.  “R. K. Scher's voice is a completely new...

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    • The Secret Skin

      The Secret Skin

      The Secret Skin by Wendy N. Wagner is a sawmill gothic that begins with June Vogel's return to Storm Break, her family's estate. Things in the great house aren't what they used to be. Doors slam in the night. Faucets turn on, untouched. Something is...

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    •  And This is How to Stay Alive

      And This is How to Stay Alive

      In & This is How to Stay Alive by Shingai Njeri Kagunda, Nyokabi's world unravels after her brother Baraka's death by suicide. When an eccentric auntie gives Nyokabi a potion that sends her back in time to when Baraka was still alive, it...

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