• Meet the Pirates of Pondering

    Meet the Pirates of Pondering a group of adventurers who learn that searching for treasure means so much more than gold! This is the first in a series of 8 stories for children aged 3-7 years that have been written for educators and parents as they help...

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  • Multifamily Housing

    Multifamily Housing is the most comprehensive resource guide that provides the baselines for multifamily operating principles and defines ten critical themes that frame the industry. This desk reference guide is excellent for apartment owners developers...


    OUR GAME TOO: Asian Pacific Americans in Major League Baseball targets millions of baseball fans around the world who will be captivated by what has until now been somewhat invisible in baseball literature. OUR GAME TOO provides a thought-provoking...

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  • Out to Sea

    2016 GOLD AWARD WINNER at the Midwest Book Awards in the Family/Parenting category. All aboard parents! It's time to see your child off on the voyage of a lifetime: the first year of college. The college transition is a stressful and emotional time for...

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  • Teaching the Nature of Science

    Echoing the spirit of Andy Warhol's striking images of familiar icons Douglas Allchin uses vivid insights from the history of science to help us rethink commonplace views about how science works. This book is a valuable guide for reflecting about the...

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  • Teaching to the Soul

    Despite the popular misconception children are not blank slates ready for teachers to make a chalky imprint that will prepare them for the rest of their lives. Kids deserve more credit than that. Children of all ages have deeply complex inner lives a...

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  • The Adventures of the Pirates of Pondering

    This collection of 8 stories is part of a Resource Kit designed to help 3-7 year old children to develop early thinking skills and concepts. This book may be used independently or in conjunction with the Navigational Guide and/or professional exchange...

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  • The SOFAwriter's Guide

    The SOFAwriter's Guide teaches you how to think through and organize your writing tasks by answering the following eight questions: Date: What are my deadlines? To: Who is my audience? From: Who will contribute to this writing task? Subject: What is my...

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  • Through My Eyes

    After being caught in Somalia's horrific civil war Zamzam escapes with her mother sister and brothers to America. But when she arrives she learns that she has to deal with biases and stereotyping she isn't prepared to handle. Zamzam dreams of making...

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  • Wakanda Whooper

    Here is a magnificently illustrated story of one whooping crane Wakanda who through her curiosity and questions to her parents shares the story of an incredible species being saved by caring biologists. This delightful educational children's chapter...

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  • YAB Helps You Navigate Middle School

    YAB Helps You Navigate Middle School is a Gold Award recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice® Awards. You're off to middle school!It's a big change for you and YAB is here to make the transition a breeze. Bringing expert advice to life with...

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