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    • A 1000-Mile Walk on the Beach

      “In her walk Loreen Niewenhuis accomplished what many of us have only daydreamed about. Her adventure is told with verve and boldness and she is a clear-eyed observer of the lake and its beautiful...

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    • A Guide to Fantasy Literature

      A Guide to Fantasy Literature is a wide-ranging thoughtful look at the magic of fantasy storytelling and why it delights and enchants readers of all ages. The book discusses the nature of the best...

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    • A War of Her Own

      A War of Her Own is a compelling World War II historical novel set in Orange Texas in 1943 about a Texas version of Rosie the Riveter in search of happiness. In the summer of 1943 Orange Texas ...

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    • Didn't We Have Fun!

      Hilda Robinson's colorful paintings celebrate African-American playground games and recreation family church and school life drawn from her memories of growing up in an urban neighborhood in the...

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    • Doyli to the Rescue

      In Doyli to the Rescue: Saving Baby Monkeys in the Amazon 10-year-old Doyli with the help of her family rescues endangered orphaned monkeys from the perils of native hunters and the black market...

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    • Emily

      Emily: 10-Year-Old Champion of Rainforest Animals in Need is a photodocumentary book by journalist and writer Cathleen Burnham the fourth in her WAKA (World Association of Kids and Animals) series...

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    • Fill-in-the-Blank Plotting

      Fill-in-the-Blank Plotting combines the two most reliable story structures – the Hero’s Journey and the Three-Act Structure – and shows writers how to merge them to create a powerful plot. Some...

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    • Grant Writing Made Simple

      Writing that grant will be as easy as pie! . . . with this quick survival guide for the new grant writer covering the basics in a fun and common-sense way. Grant Writing Made Simple is a quick...

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    • Jingo Fever

      Jingo Fever is the story of young Adele Klein a German-American girl who has come with her mother from Milwaukee to live in Ashland a small town in northern Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Superior...

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    • Let’s Go on Safari

      What happens when Kate, an 8-year-old girl from Austin, Texas, meets Michelle, a professional wildlife guide, while on safari in South Africa? The two new friends turn their adventures into a...

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    • Plank Road Summer

      Welcome to the adventures of two 13-year-olds Katie McEachron and her friend Florence Mather who experience an exciting summer in 1852 as the plank road that runs by their homes brings mysterious...

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    • Plank Road Winter

      In October 1871 13-year-old Sophie Caswell longs to escape the dullness of life in her small farming community. Her grand plan is to find fame far away from Yorkville Wisconsin. Sophie’s dreams...

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