Social Situations

  • Claire’s Hair

    Claire’s Hair

    Claire's hair is red long and fantastically hilarious. Her best friend Albert thinks so too. They use it to jump rope they swing through the jungle on it they even use it to tie up the neighborhood "robbers"-and you can bet there are a lot of those! The...

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  • Drop the Puck  It’s Hockey Season

    Drop the Puck It’s Hockey Season

    Brothers Blaine and Cullen join refs Rylee and Rosee in game-day adventures that will have you cheering for more stories victories and defeats. Sharpen your skates and grab your stick-it's time to play hockey! "The Official Adventures" is an early-reader...

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  • I Remember Papa

    I Remember Papa

    Sammy Squirrelmunk has a special relationship with his Papa. After Papa dies Sammy's afraid he won't remember him anymore. Sammy's family and friends help him discover that he will always be able to remember Papa by continuing to do the things that...

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  • Lil’ Red Pepper

    Lil’ Red Pepper

    Lil' Red Pepper can't wait to start his new job at the Cherry Grove Quarry but he has some first-day worries. What if I get lost? What if I can't haul the gravel? What if the other trucks laugh at me? What if I run into Tough Troy? OH NO! Have you ever...

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  • Rumorang


    After Sam tells Roger his secret about Petunia Roger shares it with a few friends and those friends tell more friends until there are many rumors flying around the playground. By the time the rumors reach Petunia they are nothing like the original. The...

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  • The Powerful You

    The Powerful You

    You're growing older your friends are changing and your world is more challenging than ever. You are never alone but when everything is said and done you alone make most of your decisions. This simple powerful and beautifully illustrated book written in...

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  • When Everything Was Everything

    When Everything Was Everything

    In the tumultuous years during and after the Vietnam War thousands of ethnic Lao fled Southeast Asia to avoid persecution imprisonment and even death. Many of these refugees eventually settled in the Upper Midwest in and around Saint Paul and Minneapolis...

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