Children's Books

  • A  B  See the Beatles!

    A B See the Beatles!

    Arguably the most influential band in history the Beatles shaped an era and were the soundtrack of a generation. What better way to celebrate their influence than with a book that can be shared with the youngest generation of all? With whimsical...

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  • A Fly on the Wall Street

    A Fly on the Wall Street

    Household fly Frederick Flyberg and his pal Leonard have always been best friends – from a snow cone stand on Main Street to a Wall Street brokerage house today. So come along with them to the world of stocks and shares and bulls and bears and...

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  • A Handshake from Heaven

    A Handshake from Heaven

    For more information visit the ones you love how the Eucharist allows them to hold God's hand. Teach them that receiving Communion strengthens their relationship with God and that through this sacrament he opens the door...

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  • A Home for Abigail

    A Home for Abigail

    Alone and abandoned on a deserted street a dog tries her best to tell people she needs help. When she has almost given up-a kind lady stops . . . . Join Abigail on her journey as she becomes a beloved family member in a forever home. Based on a true...

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  • A Message for my Child

    A Message for my Child

    Written by a father and illustrated by his son A Message for My Child is a beautiful book about the loving relationship between a parent and child through the years. It explores the challenges that all young people face and learning responsibility for...

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  • A Pinch of Powder

    A Pinch of Powder

    Mom's Choice Gold Award Recipient All it takes to start a summer adventure is a pinch of powder&hellip It's the longest hottest summer of all time and siblings Jim and Carrie are being forced to spend it in their dreary new town of Claremont Ohio...

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  • ABC  Can You Find Me?

    ABC Can You Find Me?

    Find one or find them all! Search for the 7 hidden letters on each page. A great book for letter recognition and hand eye coordination. Read the engaging rhyme on each page-- then let the hunt begin! It's never too early to introduce the Alphabet to...

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  • Allison Investiga

    Allison Investiga

    Conoce a Allison la niña quien rompe mitos. Ella es curiosa y tiene muchas preguntas. A su padre le gusta hacerla pensar y siempre le dice que la leche chocolatada viene de vacas color chocolate. Una mañana se dedica a investigar por...

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  • Allison Investigates

    Allison Investigates

    Meet Allison the kid myth buster. She is curious and full of questions. Her dad likes to make her think and always tells her that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. One morning she sets off on an investigation to discover the truth for herself. Filled...

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  • Almost a Minyan

    Almost a Minyan

    Almost a Minyan was awarded the 2017 Literary Classics Seal of Approval. In their citation Literary Classics called the book "a cultural gem that will connect with readers of all ages." Almost a Minyan is winner of the Texas Press Women's Children's...

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  • Alphabet Adventures

    Alphabet Adventures

    Alphabet Adventures is a tool to help parents and young readers experience the gift of learning together! With beautiful illustrations and a rhyming scheme each letter gets its own chance to jump off the page and become a part of a child's vocabulary. A...

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