Biography & Autobiography

  • A Diffident Doctor

    A Diffident Doctor

    A Diffident Doctor is a fascinating look into one American doctor’s life spanning from his early childhood in Illinois in the 1930s to his retirement days in Nevada after 1998. Dr. Moffet’s personal story presents an intimate snapshot of...

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  • A Tale of Two Soldiers

    A Tale of Two Soldiers

    A Tale of Two Soldiers is a memoir about the unlikely friendship an American Jewish G.I. and trained sniper for the US Army formed with a German Luftwaffe pilot during WWII. On Dec. 18 1944 twenty-one-year-old Max Gendelman was captured in the Battle of...

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  • Adventures of a World-Traveling Scientist

    Adventures of a World-Traveling Scientist

    Envision a pack of hungry dingoes circling your tent at night and baseball-bat fights with crocodiles Down-Under. Imagine avoiding political danger while trying to cure a virus in rural China. Experience fending off local madmen in Morocco and chasing...

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  • Aiming High

    Aiming High

    Foreword byEarvin "Magic" Johnson Aiming High is the astonishing story of sports and celebrity agent Darren Prince who battled addiction while representing some of the most iconic names in the world. After a drug overdose many demoralizing nights and...

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  • Alone Against Gravity

    Alone Against Gravity

    The book shows how far Einstein as a single researcher could reach and how he transformed from being a 'pure' scientist and an apolitical man into a politically engaged person and a pacifist by conviction. Berlin was the mecca of physics in the...

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  • An Affair with Beauty

    An Affair with Beauty

    Christy had eclipsed all of his famous brethren with his "Christy Girl " and idealized woman who redefined beauty influenced fashion and inspired a new generation of woman. Illustrated in popular magazines best-selling novels and top-ranked newspapers...

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  • Asphalt Warrior

    Asphalt Warrior

    In New York City's business districts billion of dollars are traded everyday and power deals are closed every minute. Within the hundreds of skyscrapers there are dedicated messenger centers that insure and time to the minute the delivery of business...

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  • Big Girls Do Cry

    Big Girls Do Cry

    Big Girls Do Cry is the story that Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons fans have been waiting for a look into the glitz and the glory that was the Jersey Boys' story as witnessed by one of the group's biggest fans. In the tradition of scandalous...

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  • Blood Transparencies

    Blood Transparencies

    Blood Transparencies: An Autobiography in Verse is a brutally honest narrative of coming-of-age in a unique American family. Told in a series of poetic vignettes it details life with a father who believes John Muir's words more essential than the Bible...

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  • Cancer Sucks

    Cancer Sucks

    David Yates returned from military duty in Vietnam only to find out that he had cancer. He was getting back on his feet when cancer returned two years later. Treatment followed and David got back into his life – changed but moving forward. Three...

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    Very current story in today's world! Russia invades a small country--this time it is Hungary 1956. A family must make some hard choices if they are to survive. It is a story about courage bravery love and friendships. Kindness and compassion are not...

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  • Citizen Mitten

    Citizen Mitten

    Mitten the craziest of cats nearly drove the whole family nuts. How crazy? I had to extract him from two major appliances he would roll in dirt and change color he would actually hide from us outside he would play detective and turn into “stealth...

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