Biography & Memoir

  • Mr. Confidential

    Liz Smith says it best in her advance praise: "SEX SCANDAL and sensationalism. Libel suits and humiliations. Idols with feet of clay. Think it's anything new? Not at all. Slip into the compulsively lurid and exhaustively researched pages of 'Mr...

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  • No Rehearsal

    When I became an adult at age five I accepted my role in the drama called No Rehearsal: A Memoir-the person in charge. Would that timid but bossy little girl lips chapped red up to her nose mouth covered in fever blisters recognize the sassy ...

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    OUR GAME TOO: Asian Pacific Americans in Major League Baseball targets millions of baseball fans around the world who will be captivated by what has until now been somewhat invisible in baseball literature. OUR GAME TOO provides a thought-provoking...

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  • Pieces From the Past

    Pieces from the Pastis unique in that it presents little known incidents personal anecdotes and heroic behavior of several women of the Civil Rights Movement who helped change the political social and racial landscape of the South in the 1960s. The...

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  • Powered By Hope

    Powered By Hope reaches across boundary lines and speaks directly to our humanity touching upon some of the most universally relevant subjects in society: addiction alcoholism cancer death and faith. With an engaging narrative Teri Griege - with...

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  • Protected by the Light

    Imagine finding out that your childhood memories were a lie told to you by your own mind to protect you from the daily horrors you faced. Author Debra Roinestad always had an intuition about her life-a small voice that protected her and kept her as safe...

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  • Quincy’s War

    Quincy's story is pieced together from heirlooms rescued from the fog of time and preserved by his caring family. Quincy's Journal of 1863 letters his Bugle documents memories GAR relics and other artifacts are spliced into a timeline format based...

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  • Rebellious Spirit

    Konopka spent her entire life advocating for social justice for every person. Both her personal and professional life are highlighted enabling the reader to learn of Konopka's paradoxes as she struggled to help others while she suffered fears of...

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    RETAIL SCHMETAIL&trade is a lively thorough and slightly irreverent examination of 100 years of American retailing. Twin brothers and mid-century entrepreneurs Al and Lou Stein ran a Milwaukee shop that seemed more like a garage sale than a bona fide...

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  • Ruby’s Road

    . . . In her last book Ruby's Tale thousands of fans across America and around the world followed Ruby from a puppy left behind like unwanted trash in an abandoned house to her meteoric rise to fame popularity accomplishment and community service. ...

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