Biography & Memoir

  • Dancing with Light

    Take a journey through Robert's incredible life-the inspiring story of a man who overcame a brutal childhood and long odds to find success as one of America's best-selling landscape artists. A gorgeous compilation of Robert's work presenting over 270...

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  • Deli Sarkis: The Scars He Carried

    Deli Sarkis: The Scars He Carried tells the story of Deli Sarkis an Armenian who witnessed first-hand the atrocities of the Armenian Genocide of 1915&ndash1923. The book is a tale of two journeys: the author's journey to discover the facts places and...

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  • Derek’s Gift

    When high school senior Derek Scheckman was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer he began keeping a journal filled with insights. Bestselling author Michael J. Tougias and teacher Buck Harris take us through Derek's journal and the lessons we can learn...

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  • Dig

    Sam Chiarelli's Dig: A Personal Prehistoric Journey explores why we're so fascinated with dinosaurs and why some people-dinophiles-never outgrow their Mesozoic obsession. Dig follows Sam on a cross-country Amtrak trip with a final destination of a fossil...

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  • Don Fraser

    In Don Fraser: Minnesota's Quiet Crusader historian Iric Nathanson examines the life and career of one of Minnesota's most beloved and influential statesmen. As a Minnesota state senator U.S. congressman and Minneapolis mayor Don Fraser was deeply...

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  • Downhills Don’t Come Free

    BRONZE MEDAL WINNER: 2018 IPPY AWARD FOR SPORTS/RECREATION/FITNESS Book Excellence Award Finalist -- Adventure Buy a signed copy! One man. One bike. One tent. One hell of an adventure. Biking from Alaska to Mexico solo is hard enough. But when you throw...

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  • Dream Me Awake

    What is success and who defines it? Doreen Johnson built the perfect traditional life for herself: a high-powered career a husband children and a home to call her own. It was everything she always thought she wanted . . . but something was still...

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  • Elk-Horns On The Mule

    Elk Horns on The Mule and ten days in the saddle hunting big game in the Rocky Mountains is an adventure story you won't soon forget. This is not a story about high fence hunting but rather fair chase wilderness hunting with wide open spaces and...

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  • Embedded Enemy

    Shortly after deploying for the war in Iraq an unprecedented attack was about to take place the first of it's kind in U.S. military history. Embedded Enemy is the true story of the deadly attack against the men and women of Headquarters and Headquarters...

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  • Empathy and Eyebrows

    Between her time as a radio host television figure and social media personality Danni Starr has never been afraid of sharing her opinion. In this book she takes you on a whirlwind tour of her own life and beyond with plenty of personal perspective...

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  • Faraway

    When Kevin was fourteen years old he was just starting to understand his orientation as a gay teen living in a suburb of St. Louis. Then he met someone who he thought was his friend. This man was no friend. Instead he coerced Kevin into child...

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  • Few Are Chosen

    Few Are Chosen tells the story of a campaign for the U.S. Senate with insight and self-deprecating good humor. It's sometimes serious sometimes hilarious and always true to life. People say they want honesty in a politician. Honest answers to questions...

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