Biography & Memoir

  • A Kingdom Far Away

    A Kingdom Far Away

    Growing up Lauren was a curious happy and energetic little girl. However her mother Kari noticed early on that she also had an extensively anxious stubborn and strong-willed side. As Lauren grew into her teen years much bigger problems developed. She was...

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  • A Memory of Shadows

    A Memory of Shadows

    A retired itinerant construction guy and life-long "social observer" mines his 40 years of Daily Journals and his "Memory of Shadows" telling tales of People of the Ice in Arctic oilfields and of Children of the Ice at his childhood Minnesota skating...

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  • A Tale of Two Soldiers

    A Tale of Two Soldiers

    A Tale of Two Soldiers is a memoir about the unlikely friendship an American Jewish G.I. and trained sniper for the US Army formed with a German Luftwaffe pilot during WWII. On Dec. 18 1944 twenty-one-year-old Max Gendelman was captured in the Battle of...

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  • Accidental P.I.

    Accidental P.I.

    Accidental P.I. takes you on a thrill ride following the fifty-year professional career of Private Investigator David Watts as his life story treats you to these experiences and more. From murder rioting gambling and drug raids to sex cases and fraud...

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  • Adventures of a World-Traveling Scientist

    Adventures of a World-Traveling Scientist

    Envision a pack of hungry dingoes circling your tent at night and baseball-bat fights with crocodiles Down-Under. Imagine avoiding political danger while trying to cure a virus in rural China. Experience fending off local madmen in Morocco and chasing...

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  • Aiming High

    Aiming High

    Foreword byEarvin "Magic" Johnson Aiming High is the astonishing story of sports and celebrity agent Darren Prince who battled addiction while representing some of the most iconic names in the world. After a drug overdose many demoralizing nights and...

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  • Alone Against Gravity

    Alone Against Gravity

    The book shows how far Einstein as a single researcher could reach and how he transformed from being a 'pure' scientist and an apolitical man into a politically engaged person and a pacifist by conviction. Berlin was the mecca of physics in the...

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  • An Affair with Beauty

    An Affair with Beauty

    Christy had eclipsed all of his famous brethren with his "Christy Girl " and idealized woman who redefined beauty influenced fashion and inspired a new generation of woman. Illustrated in popular magazines best-selling novels and top-ranked newspapers...

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  • An Angel Is Born

    An Angel Is Born

    It would be impossible to keep track of all the people that we encounter during the course of a lifetime however the few that affect and change us forever could be counted on the fingers of one hand. There are people such as those depicted within this...

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  • An Introvert Learns to Fly

    An Introvert Learns to Fly

    Ron Peterson was born a congenital introvert but learned to use it to his advantage and even overcome his shyness when necessary. From humble beginnings he emerged with a PhD in physics to play a role in many important scientific discoveries and became a...

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