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  • A Caring Community

    A Caring Community

    This compelling story of The Retreat told by Damian McElrath and John Curtiss should give us all hope that recovery from alcohol and drug dependency can be affordable accessible and effective for all...

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  • A Father’s Kiss

    A Father’s Kiss

    A father kisses his newborn daughter and offers a simple prayer. It is a heartfelt ritual that repeats itself at meaningful moments the remainder of their lives-and beyond. AUTHOR: Uldrich Jack...

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  • A Handshake from Heaven

    A Handshake from Heaven

    For more information visit the ones you love how the Eucharist allows them to hold God's hand. Teach them that receiving Communion strengthens their relationship with...

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  • A Hero Dreams

    A Hero Dreams

    Devastated by his father's sudden death eight-year-old Ricky begins to see things-a ghostly silhouette in his bedroom window a gruesome train accident involving four local teenagers a terrorist...

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  • A Message for my Child

    A Message for my Child

    Written by a father and illustrated by his son A Message for My Child is a beautiful book about the loving relationship between a parent and child through the years. It explores the challenges that...

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  • A Quiet Fear

    A Quiet Fear

    Working hard at life Lilly thinks of herself as a committed teacher wife and mother. She is at last content. Then unexpectedly she experiences horrifying flashbacks while caring for her toddler son...

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  • Allison Investigates

    Allison Investigates

    Meet Allison the kid myth buster. She is curious and full of questions. Her dad likes to make her think and always tells her that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. One morning she sets off on an...

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  • Alphabet Adventures

    Alphabet Adventures

    Alphabet Adventures is a tool to help parents and young readers experience the gift of learning together! With beautiful illustrations and a rhyming scheme each letter gets its own chance to jump off...

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  • Amalia's Guatemalan Kitchen

    Amalia's Guatemalan Kitchen

    Best Seller and Winner of 9 International Awards including Best Foreign Cuisine Book USA by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards Amalia's love affair with cooking started where so many others do: in her...

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  • Amazing MN

    Amazing MN

    With less than 2% of the nation's population Minnesota is a model for prosperity creativity and quality of life. This is a book about Minnesota. It's not the usual tourism hype about Paul Bunyan...

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  • Amir's Big Catch

    Amir's Big Catch

    Amir lives by a lake and his dream is to catch a fish-but he can't do it on his own! Join Amir in this adventure as he meets some friends who can help him along the way.

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  • And Then She Was Happy

    And Then She Was Happy

    When accomplished divorce attorney Kristi Skordahl unexpectedly finds herself facing her own divorce she feels lost. All of her legal knowledge and experience seem entirely irrelevant to the pain she...

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