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  • A Bohemian Life

    A Bohemian Life

    A Bohemian Life M Evelyn McCormick (1862-1948) American Impressionist is a fascinating blend of biography early California social history and the story of the emergence of California Impressionist painting. The book offers an intriguing account of Evelyn...

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  • An Affair with Beauty

    An Affair with Beauty

    Christy had eclipsed all of his famous brethren with his "Christy Girl " and idealized woman who redefined beauty influenced fashion and inspired a new generation of woman. Illustrated in popular magazines best-selling novels and top-ranked newspapers...

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  • Build Ivywild

    Build Ivywild

    Can mingling different businesses bring greater prosperity? Can neighborhood buildings and spaces produce happiness? Can the sun and wind actually improve a person’s well-being? Build Ivywild answers these and similar questions in words and...

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  • Coffee Story: Ethiopia

    Coffee Story: Ethiopia

    A food crop. Its nation. Their new history. Coffee Story: Ethiopia a tale from the country where coffee began. It's the twenty-first century and Ethiopia in the global consciousness is shedding its history of drought famine and war. It's doing so by...

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  • Colors Square Routes

    Colors Square Routes

    In Griesgraber's hard-edge geometric paintings he saturates hues that contest with one another for visual prominence resulting in dynamic configurations that perpetually realign. Calling upon the variable perception of a color in relation to others he...

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  • Connections Connections


    This second collection by Charles R. Stinson Architects is a fascinating departure from genre celebrating Stinson's work in an unexpected and extraordinary light. Along with stunning visuals showcasing his signature vision of architecture in harmony...

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  • Dance Across the USA

    Dance Across the USA

    Dance Across the USA was honored with two major literary awards - a First Place award from the National Indie Excellence Awards (Performing Arts Category) as well as a First Place award (Photography) and a Grand Prize from the Next Generation Indie Book...

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  • Dances Through Glass

    Dances Through Glass

    Honorable Mention The Eric Hoffer Award First Place Winner in Four Categories Midwest Independent Publishers Association Polly Norman's elegant compilation of photographs represents 25 years of art making. Woven among these exquisite works she also...

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  • Dancing with Light

    Dancing with Light

    Take a journey through Robert's incredible life-the inspiring story of a man who overcame a brutal childhood and long odds to find success as one of America's best-selling landscape artists. A gorgeous compilation of Robert's work presenting over 270...

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