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    • Music Book

      Music Book

      Music Book is a 64-page facsimile artist’s book by Sarah Cain, comprising a series of colorful abstractions painted directly over a collection of vintage sheet music. The original book of music was found in Switzerland and Cain’s paintings...

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    • MOCA Focus: Alexandra Grant

      MOCA Focus: Alexandra Grant

      Through a combination of conceptual and intuitive operations, Alexandra Grant transforms texts into patterns of color, shape and form, giving them new life. Her collaborations with Michael Joyce, the renowned hyperfiction writer, and the use of the...

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    • High as a Kite: A Guide to Marijuana

      High as a Kite: A Guide to Marijuana

      With this project, I really wanted to bring together some of the best artists in the world to create an amazing collection of flash, paintings, illustrations, photography and memorabilia in order to celebrate the rich, intertwined history of the tattoo...

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    • The Illustrated Cocktail:The Art of Mixology

      The Illustrated Cocktail:The Art of Mixology

      A picture can transform your mood. A cocktail can do the same. The Illustrated Cocktail is a whimsical and visually stimulating compilation of original art with drink recipes, tips and tricks for the home bartender, that doesn’t take itself too...

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    • Forêt Intérieure / Interior Forest

      Forêt Intérieure / Interior Forest

      Forêt Intérieure / Interior Forest were a pair of exhibitions that took place at 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica, CA and Mains d’Œuvres in Saint-Ouen, France in 2013. Structured as a residency and exhibition at each...

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    • A Search for Relevance

      A Search for Relevance

      A Search for Relevance collects previously published essays by Rob Barnard, a modern potter, that chronicle the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that helped confirm his perception that pottery is capable of expressing the same kind of serious thoughts and...

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    •  Nick Legeros Sculpting a Life

      Nick Legeros Sculpting a Life

      Whether you know it or not, if you live in Minnesota, you probably have seen Nick Legeros’ work. As arguably the state’s most prolific, creative and sought after living bronze sculptor, his art is displayed in parks, in places of worship and...

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    • Baragouin


      Baragouin is an artists’ book by Los Angeles and Berlin-based artist Kim Schoen. The book is a companion piece to a video work of the same name, filmed in a now-closed residential sculpture showroom in Los Angeles. The video Baragouin presents...

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    •  Haiku


      Haiku originated in New York City in 1964, when Beat Generation poet Diane di Prima gave West Coast assemblage artist George Herms a series of seasonal poems that would lead him to create a suite of woodcuts illustrating them. can't sleep: inside...

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    • Oracular Transmissions

      Oracular Transmissions

      Oracular Transmissions weaves together three of the most recent collaborative projects Etel Adnan and Lynn Marie Kirby have completed through processes of exchange and translation: Back, Back Again to Paris (2013), The Alhambra (2016), and Transmissions...

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    • (ZUS)


      In (Zus), a visual essay by the French photographer Benoît Fougeirol, views of and views from eleven of the “Zones urbaines sensibles” (Sensitive Urban Zones) on the peripheries of Paris reveal harsh paradoxes of modern society. These...

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