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    • Mercy Spurs the Bone

      "It is not often that one encounters mastery in a debut book of poems but that is exactly what happens in Chelsea Wagenaar's Mercy Spurs The Bone where the poems are crafted into light-filled...

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    • Miss Lost Nation

      "From the very first poem to the last each is processed by Hurst's unmistakable one-of-a-kind voice imaginings and dexterity. I was reminded of the first time I ever read the likes of Elizabeth...

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    • Pink Motel

      "You are not here" says the sign in the corn maze. In Pink Motel knowledge comes enfolded in maps and diagrams old board games cracks in the ceiling everything we use to tell us where we are and...

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    • Rough Knowledge

      "There is an extraordinary lightness to this collection of poems-it is as if they are floating just above the surface of the earth or in dream as they celebrate love marriage family friends-the...

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    • Shipbreaking

      Robin Beth Schaer's debut collection of poetry Shipbreaking charts a beautiful and dangerous journey. It is an intimate and interstellar odyssey where seas rise mastodons roam aeronauts float...

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    • Small Crimes

      "Andrea Jurjevic's Small Crimes begins during the Croatian war years of the early 1990's. In the midst of bombings sniper shootings and firing squads the speaker of the poems manages to live an...

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    • Spill

      In these extraordinary new poems Kelle Groom rejects consolation in favor of an expanding definition of love. Groom who has published in Best American Poetry The New Yorker Ploughshares and...

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    • The Church in the Plains

      The Church in the Plains tells the story of a German Lutheran farming community whose members immigrated to Ohio in the 1830s. These poems focus on the community's relationship with the church and...

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    • The Grace to Leave

      Haskins... understands Lorca's idea of duende a passionate spirit and evokes it naturally in her work. -- BooklistAbout Author Lola Haskins taught Computer Science at the University of Florida for...

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    • The Story of Ash

      The poems in The Story of Ash range over a variety of concerns from the tawdry to the sublime all the while exploring desire and love and loss. The poems are largely urban but the imagery is...

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    • To Whitey & The Crackerjack

      "Alive with ancestral pain and steadfast in its dispossessed ferocity Hauntie's first collection of poems radiates with a wise rage transferred from generations before. By reattaching vocal chords...

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    • Uh Oh Time

      Winner of the 2007 Anhinga Prize for Poetry.About AuthorKenneth Hart received an MFA from Warren Wilson College in 1998. He teaches writing at New York University works in the family roofing...

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