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    • Unintentional Suicide

      Written by Professor of Pathology Dr. Tim Loy Unintentional Suicide dissects the diseases most likely to touch the lives of you or your loved ones in the future if they haven't already. The book is written with the mindset that if people could see what...

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    • Vajuvenation

      Gynecologist reveals that more than half of the women questioned knew very little about their vaginal health. Lack of knowledge and misconceptions about vaginal health and intimate wellness can rob women of the enjoyment of having the sex life they have...

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    • Vanishing Horizon

      The Vanishing Horizon is full of gritty and graceful intelligence. Consistently and sumptuously detailed these poems amount to a kind of landscape of the soul that aspect of self that runs the gauntlet weathers wearies kneels then grins and keeps on...

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    • Vengeance in Blood

      So close to her relaxing Atlanta weekend that she could almost taste it beautiful tough Detective Lacy Fuller and her partner Chet Avery were suddenly assigned to a high-profile yet seemingly open-and-shut homicide case. Having found out that she was...

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    • View of the Hebrews 1825

      The importance of the question Where are the Ten Tribes of Israel? the speedy sale of the first edition of this work and the obtaining considerable additional evidence relative to the origin of the American Indians have led the way to the publishing of...

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    • Walking in the Word

      Growing up is tough. During this time in your life you're finding your identity and deepening your own faith. There are so many difficult choices to make that will change the course of your life forever. Take time to listen to what Jesus has to say to...

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    • We Should Be One

      We Should Be One interweaves the Word of God as found in Jewish Christian and Islamic Scripture to reveal His messages more clearly and to show His everlasting fidelity to all who accept them and properly apply them in their lives. It invites us to...

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    • What is This Thing Called Faith?

      Save $5 (regularly $19.95). Buy 25 copies or more at a 40% discount.  In this first part of a trilogy on Faith Hope and Love Fr. Hugh Duffy Ph.D offers various Meditations from various sayings of Jesus. Through his clear and engaging style and the...

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    • When the Next Big War Blows Down the Valley

      What a cause for celebration: an extended visit to Terese Svoboda’s expansive and piercing vision in which curiosity collides with critique and sparks wisdom ignites wonder. The unsettling dynamics of family the anxieties of global politics and the...

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    • Whiteboard Jungle

      After teaching school for over twelve years Denise Chase has written a hilarious and astonishingly candid journal chronicling one of her years as a middle school teacher. Though comedic her journal has a serious side as well. It gives vivid and often...

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    • Wholeistic Dentistry

      Wholeistic Dentistry is a close-up look at integrating the best of conventional dentistry and holistic dentistry in the United States. Based on her experience as a dental hygienist in a holistic office Bette Jo Arnett relates how holistic practitioners...

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    • Why Does It Hurt? The Fascial Distortion Model

      Why Does It Hurt presents a whole new viewpoint on the way our bodies work using FDM the Fascial Distortion Model. Fascia is the fibrous connective tissue that permeates our bodies and holds everything together. Distorted fascia is often the cause of...

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