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    • The Culture of Astronomy

      Astronomy the first science is responsible for myriad developments in the modern world. In ancient times the shifts and changes occurring in the stars were used to explain all things. The relationships between the sun moon planets and stars led to...

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    • The Divine Marriage

      Marriages everywhere are in trouble. Schedules are more stressful families are more complicated and day-to-day life is lived in fast-forward. In a modern-day world how can a couple maintain the sanctity of their marriage and not lose their emotional...

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    • The Fire Athlete Fitness Program

      Author and veteran firefighter Ryan Vacek understands the daily demands placed on firefighters. He has firsthand knowledge of what makes fire fighting among the most stressful—and dangerous—occupations in the world. Now with The Fire Athlete Fitness...

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    • The Good, The Bad, The Cookbook

      The Good, the Bad, the Cookbook is a wholesale lifestyle change not a diet. Diets are finite programs for losing pounds but this book suggests changes that will be beneficial for a lifetime…and not only in the waistline! Dieters are prone to...

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    • The Grace to Leave

      Haskins... understands Lorca's idea of duende a passionate spirit and evokes it naturally in her work. -- BooklistAbout Author Lola Haskins taught Computer Science at the University of Florida for many years and is currently (since 2006) on the...

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    • The Mechanics of the Knee

      "Many people have come to me over the years having no understanding of their knee arthritic problems " writes Dr. David Morley a board certified orthopedic surgeon. "They fall prey to clinicians who often prescribe aggressive costly and sometimes...

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    • The Messiah's Baptism

      The teaching that water baptism is required by the Lord for all believers is almost universal in Christian religion. Why question it? The earliest Jewish Messianic followers did and their disputes with first-century author Tertullian (considered the...

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    • The Messianic Feast

      The Messianic Feast represents a sea change in biblical understanding. First this work uncovers the true history of the Jewish disconnect that occurred in Rome which has not previously been properly portrayed. These early Messianic Jews understood that...

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    • The Mystic Symbol

      An expanded edition of the original classic long out-of-print The Mystic Symbol describes thousands of Christian inscribed tablets unearthed across Michigan. The Michigan Mound Builders left behind 10 000 to 30 000 artifacts as a testament to their...

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    • The Other Side of The Curtain

      The Other Side of The Curtain is an amazing non-fiction story of coma survival after a motorcycle accident! Instead of a fatal statistic, this book delivers messages of prevention at any stage, hope, tenacity, and triumph. It’s also an introduction...

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    • The Path to Forgiveness

      The Path to Forgiveness is an inspirational journey of the heart to a place where one can discover the power of forgiveness peace and hope. This beautifully illustrated book offers a gentle but powerful message to all ages on the importance of...

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