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    • Otis and Charley Finish First!

      Meet Charley and Otis, two lovable bulldogs with two very different personalities! It’s the day of the K9-9K! But Otis isn’t feeling very happy—there’s no way he can win a race this big, he says. Will Otis make it to the finish...

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    • Otis the Bulldog’s Very Big Excuses

      Meet Charley and Otis, two lovable bulldogs with two very different personalities! Otis and Charley are invited to Snowflake’s birthday party, but they spent the day swimming in the stinky pond! Charley gets her bath done right away, but Otis is...

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    • Pathways to Self-Awareness

      Pathways to Self-Awareness is an invitation to explore the deeper meaning of our life's journey. It encourages us to ask ourselves the ultimate question: Who am I? Written in brief and often poetic prose readers can turn again and again to this book for...

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    • Photons Genesis Origin of the Universe

      This book explains the dramatic deeper fundamental truth: everything derived from coded Photon Genes. The universe is breathing and living with photons!About AuthorI was born in San Luis Potosi Mexico. my mother passed away when I was 2 years old. I was...

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    • Raising Redemption

      For Alicia Tilman a seventeen-year-old girl on her way to Radcliffe meeting her parents' expectations means everything. But when Dickey Samson comes around Alicia defies her father's longstanding rule that she stay away from the boy and is unprepared...

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    • RAW

      High school and college-age girls will love and learn much from this Bible study specifically for them. As she communicates in a personal conversational way author Brooke Minor uses illustrations both from her own life and from the lives of other women...

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    • Rebarkable Lilly

      In a rags-to-riches tale like no other author Melinda Elliott takes readers through the doggy door as she tells the heartwarming story of her beloved pet Rebarkable Lilly. Huddled at the back of her crate and covered in puppy poop young Lilly is...

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    • Retaining the Mind

      Many of the foods we eat injure the nerves that guide our thinking speaking and acting. Although Dr. Walsh knows these foods well he did not know that they were destroying his own brain. Until a shocking event showed him that he was su­ffering from...

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    • Rough Knowledge

      "There is an extraordinary lightness to this collection of poems-it is as if they are floating just above the surface of the earth or in dream as they celebrate love marriage family friends-the small accidents and genuine delights of everyday life...

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    • Second Opinion

      What about our lives do we not know? What about ourselves can we not see? What do others say when we walk away? Without warning Don Ed Turner must step back and watch himself his life and his girlfriend Stephanie’s life. Don Ed does not choose this...

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    • She Wears It Well

      Just how does she wear it well? With all the pressures of life a single woman must face there comes a point where her focus must shift from outward appearances to the inner person which is the essence of who she really is as God’s woman. She Wears It...

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